6 Outdoor Pet Homes You Will Love

outdoor pet homes

Got a pooch who loves being outdoors? How about a fluffy bunny who loves to snuggle? Hens who deserve a reward for all those tasty breakfasts? If your beloved companions adore romping around in the backyard, make sure you keep them cozy with an outdoor pet home that ticks all the boxes. As we move into warmer weather, an outdoor pet home will give your faithful sidekicks the perfect place to curl up in while relaxing from those out-of-door adventures!    If you’re not sure what to look for - know that there are good, and less than stellar pet homes. It’s important to pick something weatherproof, which won’t let in moisture or rain. And while it may not come as a shock, your best friend’s pad will always need to withstand the wind, keeping them nice and toasty all through the year.   What else should you be looking for in a super outdoor pet home? Here are some great examples of 6 outdoor pet homes we love, and all the reasons you’ll love them too!

TGB Pent Kennel and Run

We’re not surprised that one of the best outdoor shed designers has developed a truly lovely pet home - the TGB 4’ x 4’ Pent kennel is a dog-owners dream. Complete with a nifty dog access hole that seals with a tower bolt, this natural wood kennel has a six-foot run that your furry friend can stretch out in. If your large dog likes a little bit more wiggle room, this kennel is great for circulation while keeping your best friend warm.

dog kennels and runs

TGB Deluxe Apex Kennel and Run

Got a bigger dog? This luxury outdoor pet home by TGB has a 6- by 6-foot run and comes with bottom drainage for better hygiene and convenient cleaning. The kennel itself offers plenty of space, and with galvanised weldmesh securing the run, it’s easy to add or remove tarp to give your pooch some added warmth if it gets windy. A natural wood finish makes this a beautiful addition to any garden, regardless of whether your outdoor living area is classic or contemporary.

TGB Hutch and Run

Man’s best friend doesn’t have to canine - we know that better than anyone! If your beloved pet prefers carrots to kibble and hopping to running, this great hutch from TGB is the perfect pet palace for your rabbit. Built with a sliding hatch at either end and sealed with secure galvanised wire mesh, this bunny hut comes with an internal access hole and is finished with natural timber. Your pet’s home will blend seamlessly into your garden’s current decor, completing your outdoor living area while keeping it beautiful.

TGB Hen House

Keeping chickens becomes much easier with a coop that works for you - this one’s elevated above the ground to keep it dry and warm on colder days. It also offers your hens some privacy -  a separate closing hen access door and ramp lets your chickens access the spacious 3’ x 6’ run to stretch those wings! And to top it all off, this lovely hen house comes with an optional nesting box for those morning omelettes. Warm, dry, and stylish!