Using Floor Tiles to Transform Your Home

Have you been playing with the idea of redecorating your home? While we’re not all interior designers, the good news is that it’s never been easier to take the look and feel of your home up a few notches with the right indoor tiles. Whether you’re hoping to refurbish your bathroom, redesign the kitchen, or upgrade your hallways, tiling is key.

Flooring, cladding, edging, and coping can all be used to create stylish new interiors for your house, business, or rental property - but the question is, how? Here’s what our Paving Superstore experts have got to say…


Stylish Kitchens

Redecorating your kitchen might seem like a balancing act at first glance - how can you choose the right materials for an easy-clean, yet attractive interior? How can you make sure your kitchen looks airy and spacious while keeping your spend reasonable?

Very often, natural stone is the answer. Some of the best choices include sandstone, limestone, and other natural materials which - thanks to their low absorbency - are highly resilient to staining. One superb example can be seen in Strata Paving’s Tumbled Limestone 'Heritage Collection' Cepes Antique range of interior slabs, which offer an ideal balance of durability and elegant visual appeal. To transform your home for a brand new look and feel, you can complete the look with the stunning Strata Paving-Tumbled Limestone 'Heritage Collection' Crema G Antique floor tiles, which add beautiful light creamy shades to give a greater sense of space in your kitchen or hallway.


Indoor Oasis

Your outdoor area is always the first thing your friends, family, and guests encounter when they come over to your home. But your home’s interior is often where they’ll spend the most time, so why not make it amazing?

Interiors get a distinctive touch with natural stone, which comes in an endless variety of sizes, textures, and colours to enrich any decor. In comparison to man-made flooring, natural stone gives homeowners a huge amount of creative flexibility, drawing the eye while serving as a focal point or setting for your furniture.

With Strata Paving’s 'Heritage Collection' Mellea, limestone paving slabs bring a natural charm to your living room, dining space, or hallways, creating a warmer climate and attractive, appealing elements of detail that are sure to captivate your guests. This has a sophisticated tumbled surface that resembles earthy, grey, and brown aged stone. It combines smoother rippled areas with texture to convey the elegance and welcoming feel of the quintessential British cottage.

Other beautiful options in the Heritage Collection include Strata Paving’s Tumbled Limestone 'Heritage Collection' Crema G Antique tiles for a cool, modern look, and the Cepes Antique collection for airy-feeling, elegant indoor rooms.


Bright, Airy Bathrooms

Porcelain tiles are one of the best ways to elevate the aesthetic of your bathroom or wet room. And when it comes to creating a sense of space, sometimes less is more. 

Italian porcelain such as the 'Vitripiazza Stile Internal' Moda collection is also well-suited for bathroom decors thanks to its low absorbency, which in practice means fewer water stains. Whether you’re redoing your bathroom floors entirely or adding porcelain for contrast, the Stile Moda range will introduce fresh, creamy ivory shades to make the rest of your design elements pop. As well as undergoing vitrification to ensure a more robust finish, porcelain tiling is also very resistant to salt, mould, pesticides, and moss - all great properties for the wettest room in the house!

Other stunning porcelain interior tiles include Strata Paving’s Antique Sandstone 'Historical Collection' Hembury tiles in stylish dove and the Strata Paving Sanded & Brushed Quartzite 'Avante Garde' Silver Galactica for a steely-grey finish and bathroom that sparkles.


Have you got some nice ideas for how you’ll redecorate your home? Have you got a landscaping, hardscaping, or renovation story to share with us? Why not get in contact with our Paving Superstore sales team and let us help you out?