Top 5 Patio Designs for Spring 2024



This year, traditional patios are making a big comeback. Plus, if you’re designing your paving on a budget then you’re in luck, because when it comes to versatility and affordability, traditional style has it all!  We’ve seen five trends making waves this spring at Paving Superstore and here’s how you can by the envy of your neighbours—no matter what your budget!

On Trend Wooden Porcelain Paving...

The craze for Italian porcelain continues with beautifully elegant options like the Brett Paving Porcelain Elegante Timber' Vintage Oak that brings rich, earthy tones and sleek aesthetics to your patio.

wooden porcelain paving slabs


2024 is also a big year for timber-style porcelain, as eye-catching options like Paving Superstore's Porcelain 'Italiano Bark' Acacia Paving Slabs catch on in a big way. What’s not to love about a seaside-reminiscent wood-feel without the hassle of cracking or fading?

Feature Stone Circle Paving...

The second huge trend we've seen is feature style paving; as a quick and simple way to add character to your garden, it's taking off in stars and circles! Bowland Stone has a lot to offer for patios of all sizes, in particular, with stone circle paving that's simple to install and made to last. The Concrete 'Cloister' Barley feature kits come highly recommended if you’re hoping to add cool buff tones to your property. Or if you’re after a natural buff, the Stonemarket Paving Riven Sandstone 'Marketstone' Sahara Multi Circle Feature Kits, offer a similarly durable option, at an affordable price point.

Cottage Stone Cobble...

Working with a smaller outdoor space? You're in luck because we at Paving Superstore have all the cobble setts you need to create an ideal cottage feel at your property this Spring. Starting with Natural Paving Riven Sandstone 'Fossestone' Orchard will set the calm, country feel you're after through idyllic buff, brown and khaki. These sandstone cobble setts have authentic hand-cut edges reminiscent of a European market square and are perfect for outdoor living. If you're after a similar feel with smaller tiles, the Strata Paving Antique Sandstone Mint range is another excellent vintage choice, simple yet beautifully hand-chipped, making them perfect for petit gardens.


Stone Cobble Paving
Stone Cobble Paving

Those looking for a romantic, traditional feel for a reading nook or pathway—look no further than the Strata Paving Antique Limestone Tuscan setts, which make paving a breeze. We’ve seen these shown off in older style and country homes to great effect, with grey-buff tones that will cool down and relax your guests. This works particularly well if you’re hoping to spruce up a specific area of your garden, and make versatile, long-lasting edging for your flowers or plants.

Traditional Block Paving...

First and foremost, traditional-style block paving and brick paving options are among the most cost-effective slabs you can opt for in any outdoor living space. But, they also have a lot more to offer. With a natural feel, paving slabs like the Breedon Paving Concrete 'Classic & Drive' Sunrise are also a smart way to keep that timeless feel consistent across your property, and they are typically a long-lasting solution. Whether you’re looking to redecorate your driveway, patio, or garden path, you’ll find manmade slabs are a hardy and weather-resistant solution for properties big and small.

Stone Circle Paving/Garden Steps Stone
Stone Circle Paving/Garden Steps Stone

Stepping Stones...

Of course, the path to your patio is just as important. When it comes to garden steps, stone has overwhelmingly been the key trend this year, with the Circular look leading the craze for timeless, simple elegance. And hard-wearing, classic stone options are not ‘thin on the ground’ either, with some stunning designs from Natural Paving's Raj Lakeland line and from Stonemarket in 'Timberstone' Coppice Brown. These Stonemarket stepping stones are particularly popular, with a realistic wood-effect that add a timber appeal without the wear and splitting of real wood. A top choice!
What lovely ideas do you have for your patio? Are you ready for Spring?