Artificial Grass over Real Turf: The Pros and Cons

In the past few years more and more people have opted for artificial grass in the garden instead of a lawn area of real turf. Of course, artificial grass is incredibly low maintenance, but can it really ever compare to the appearance, or replace, real grass? If you are redesigning your garden and are thinking of taking the leap but are undecided here are the pros and cons!

Artificial Grass


  • It doesn’t grow- Of course, because artificial grass isn’t alive, it will not grow. This means that you don’t have to spend your summer cutting and trimming the lawn area, allowing you to invite people round for an impromptu summer party without having to ask yourself whether the grass needed cutting beforehand.
  • It withstand foot traffic- Artificial grass is great if your lawn area is used a lot- especially if it is used by children or animals who will run around on it. Also, because it isn’t muddy, you don’t have to worry about people trailing mud across the rest of your garden, or into your home, when they have walked over the lawn.
  • It can look very real- In the past, artificial grass really did look fake and plastic- a huge turn off if you want your garden to look professional. Nowadays, however, there are some incredibly ‘real’ looking varieties, and with so many different types, textures and colours to choose from, there is bound to be one suitable for everyone’s desires and needs.
  • It doesn’t need feeding-  Whereas real turf can go patchy and fade, which means it needs feeding and sprinkling with lawn seed, artificial lawns don’t have this issue. At most, you may need to hose it clean of mud or rake up any areas that have been flattened by people walking over it.


  • It can be pricy- Not only is the artificial grass itself can be expensive, it must be properly installed, like a patio, which can also be costly. Correctly installed artificial lawns should have a free draining sub-layer in order that they don’t become waterlogged. Also, as with most things, you get what you pay for: if you choose a cheap artificial lawn, it will probably look cheap.
  • It can feel strange- If your lawn area is mainly for aesthetic purposes, the way the grass feels is probably of little importance. However, if you wish to walk barefoot across your lawn or lay or sit on it in the summer, you will want it to be comfortable.
  • It doesn’t encourage biodiversity- If you’re a nature lover this may concern you. Artificial grass is not suitable for worms or other insects to survive in, which, in turn, can have an impact on birds and small mammals visiting your garden to feed off of these.
  • It just isn’t real grass- This might not bother some people, but there is no escaping from the fact that it just isn’t traditional real grass.  

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