Child-Friendly Gardens

As much as we want our garden to look perfect, it is important that it is suitable and safe for our children to use and play in, too. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean compromising on the appearance of your garden, either. Here are some ideas on how to ensure your garden looks great at the same time as making it safe and suitable for children to use, too.


If your children are playing outside in the garden, you will want to ensure that they have some privacy. You may not wish, or be able to build a wall, but fencing will do the trick. A fence with a trellis section will provide privacy will not make your garden too dark. Fences will not only provide privacy but will prevent your children from walking too far astray when they are playing.

Lawn Areas

Children love to play on the grass, often without any regard as to the recent weather, meaning that they carry grass and mud around the rest of the garden (and your house) after particularly rainy periods. To get around this, why not take the plunge and change from a traditional, real grass lawn to an artificial one. Artificial grass means that your children can play on the lawn to their heart’s content without trailing muddy footprints anywhere and without you needing to compromise on your perfect-looking lawn.

Play Frames

If you want your children to be entertained in your garden without having numerous toys lying around when they aren’t put away, a play frame could be the perfect solution. There is one suitable for every garden size and they are sure to bring a smile to your children’s faces, meaning that they can have fun without your worry of where to store their garden toys when they aren’t playing with them.

Safe Flooring

It is important that the flooring upon which your children are playing is safe and suitable in case of an accident. Ideally, the safety surface should be non-slip to ensure safety, even in the wet weather. If you are looking to install new flooring under climbing frames, Gravelsafe is a great option: it acts like liquid and absorbs impact if anything falls onto it. However, what’s more, Gravelsafe also looks like real pebbles, meaning you can have a brilliant-looking garden at the same time as ensure the safety of your children.

Pond Netting

Covering your pond is especially important if you have toddlers and young children who may be less aware of their surroundings. Cover the pond with a simple, discrete netting to help avoid any unnecessary mishaps. This is perhaps less important if you have older children, but it is always better to be safe than sorry!

Hopefully this has helped you to realise that keeping your children safe and entertained in the garden does not have to mean that you need to make any compromises yourself!