Budget-Friendly Expert Tips to Make Your Garden Look More Luxurious

It's been a while since we were locked down during Covid, and it’s safe to say that since being homebound, having a well-maintained outdoor space has become even more important for homeowners, particularly in the warmer summer months when we spend most time outside.

With people spending more time in their garden spaces, we collaborated with Heather McDougall, garden designer and owner of HM Garden Designs, to discuss how to make your garden look more expensive. From the discussion, we collated 9 tips and tricks which can give breathe new life into your garden, without breaking the bank. Read on to find out more…

1. Rejuvenate fences and sheds with paint

Rejuvenate fences and sheds by painting in a contemporary colour such as light grey or grey/green. This will hide any flaws in the woodwork and show off the plants beautifully. Heather added “I would advise against buying cheap paint though: it's usually a false economy and will look shabby after a couple of years. A good paint will last much longer and there are a fantastic range of colours to choose from”.

Rowlinson Skylight Light Grey Shed With Store

Rowlinson Skylight Light Grey Shed

Rowlinson Heritage Apex Roof Shed

2. Paint existing garden furniture

Likewise, existing garden furniture can be painted as well. If it's sitting on a patio, then make it a statement piece with a bold, bright yellow or orange. For cast iron furniture there's a good range of metallic paint colours available.


3. Plant large evergreen plants

To make a small courtyard or garden look bigger, this may seem counterintuitive but plant large, evergreen plants round the edges. This will provide depth and blur the boundaries.


4. Edge your lawn

Edging a lawn will immediately make it look smarter. There a wide range of bendable, metallic edging options which are easily installed with spikes that fix into the ground. This will look a lot more classy than the plastic alternatives that are available.


5. Lay oversized patio slabs in light neutral colours

If laying a patio is in your budget, an oversized garden paving slab in a light, neutral colour will give a contemporary look.


Paving slabs are our area of expertise, and are a great way to make your garden look more luxurious. Limestone or sandstone are stylish yet affordable options for most gardens and porcelain has come down in price and is now also available at very competitive prices. If you have a little more wiggle room in your budget why not opt for beautiful sawn sandstone or large format paving in porcelain to make your garden feel even more high-end.


6. Use complimentary colours to match patio slabs and pea gravel

To save money on laying slabbed path, why not use slabs intermittently with a complementary coloured pea gravel to fill the remaining areas.


7. Introduce lighting

Using lighting in the garden can create a magical effect at night. Mains converter kits are readily available and solar powered options have been improved in recent years.


8. Avoid using plastic

Wherever possible, don't use plastic - apart from the obvious need to reduce plastic usage, it looks cheap. Plain terracotta pots can be painted in a range of effects from antique to chic modern.


9. Decide on a unifying style and colour palette

Overall, limit the number of materials and colours used and decide on a unifying style. It will make the garden look coherent and classy.

Heather shared that “for me, expensive conjures up sleek, minimalist and modern, but it could equally be a classic Italianate kind of look”.

Whatever your style, we hope these tips inspire you to renovate your garden this year.