Garden Offices - The New Normal for 2021?

2020 brought us many things, but amid all the challenges and change, we’ve definitely learned to embrace the new. Remote working is one thing we’re almost all getting used to, as we take our to-dos to the couch and contend with distractions to craft email responses, attend virtual meetings and draft reports. 

But as we get more used to working from home, one thing’s for sure. Whether you loved it or hated it at first, we’re getting better at it. This year, at-home offices are becoming increasingly the norm as we take to our gardens to get things done amid the greenery.

As spring and summer approaches, we think garden offices might be the best way to be productive while taking in the view - so here are our top tips to help you pick a log cabin office you’ll fall in love with instantly.

Don’t Underestimate Great Lighting...

We hear a lot about screen time whenever remote work gets discussed. Whether it’s to save your eyesight or spare you from headaches, a clear view of what you’re doing is a well-being must. It’s exactly why we love office cabins as the days grow longer into Spring and Summer. With cleverly-placed windows, you never need to strain to read those memos!

With the latest garden offices for sale, it’s now easy to find designs featuring side windows, full-length windows and even three-quarter windows that can all be moved around to maximise your natural light. An East-facing side window, for example, might give you a view of the backyard while letting in the morning sun for a great start to your work day, while a sunset-facing window is perfect for night owls. 

To get strategic about when and how you light up your work, plenty of models like the Mendip Log Cabin allow you to decide where you’d like to let the sun in while you’re setting up. Why not give yourself a view of the patio, so you can keep an eye on the kids?

Make It Your Own...

With the flexibility it provides, many organisations are embracing remote work as a permanent solution and as any work-from-home veteran will tell you, there’s nothing like a space that you feel comfortable in to get those tasks knocked off. 

Whether that means extra leg room, or double doors for moving equipment in and out, there are more than a few ways to get decorating.

Personalisable log cabin offices are a fantastic way to create a space you feel relaxed in, while maximising your productivity by giving you a distraction-free environment. These allow you to build in extra windows, choose how you finish your softwood exterior, or finish your office cabin with roof felt or shingles as you see fit. With plenty of space to make your own, you can design your own ideal desk arrangement or add shelving and ledges for books, printers and other essentials. Why not make sure you can find what you need, when and where you need it, by attaching your own garden shed?

If working from home is something you’d like to do more of in the future, we couldn’t agree more. With the right setup, remote work can be a brilliant way to get home on time, act on those bursts of creativity and stretch your legs in the greenery between projects. Remember our tips when you’re browsing garden offices for sale and you’ll be well on the way to embracing our new normal with wide open arms!