Creating Different Zones in your Garden

Ideally, a garden should be for everyone, including family and friends to enjoy. However, in order for this to be possible, it may be necessary to include elements that will appeal to everyone. This may be best done by creating different zones in your garden- these zones will automatically attract different people and can allow everyone to enjoy the garden as a whole.

Zones for Relaxing

Many people use the garden as an extension of their living room: a somewhere to relax. A relaxing zone can be created by using a neutral and natural colour scheme. Light coloured paving slabs are a good place to begin, as is furniture made from natural materials. A water feature can also make this a zone for relaxing, as the sound of water is proven to reduce stress.

Zones for Activity

It is important, especially if children regularly use the garden, to have a space in which there can be movement. Grass is a great floor material to choose for this, as it is easy to move around on, allowing movement to play football, rounders and other garden games. This lawn space doesn’t have to be huge; you can buy turf in a variety of sizes, meaning the choice is up to you.

Zones for Creativity

Creativity can get as messy as you like in the garden, because it is outside, but you might want to limit this mess to a specific area. Gravel is a great choice for the flooring, as it will easily disguise any spillages, and can be replaced with more if need be. It is important that there is a surface on which the children, or adults, can practise their creativity and somewhere to store their paint, chalk or whatever else it is that they use. This potting bench is ideal, as it provides multiple levels of storage.

Zones for Children

Safety should always come first in these areas, as parents will often be less vigilant, using these areas to occupy their children. This means that safe ground materials are vital. Rubber chippings, rubber shreds and materials such as Gravelsafe will minimise potential injuries, should a child fall in these areas and can be bought in fun colours as well as neutral colours. To keep children entertained, and to encourage them into these areas, you should include plenty of toys, particularly toys with which multiple children can play together. These could include, rockers, sandpits and play equipment.

Do you have any tips on creating different zones in a garden? Share your tips!

[Photo Credit: alljengi]