How to Maximise Space in the Garden

However big your garden is, everyone is always looking to save or maximise the space that they have. Whether it is about using multi purpose products to save on storage, or about choosing more compact options, it all counts towards making the most of the space you have into your garden. If you are lacking inspiration about how to do so, this article could help!

Build Into Your Space

A lot of the time, it is chunky, pre-built garden furniture that wastes a lot of space in the garden. These are an easy option, but not great if you’re already lacking space. Instead, building your own seating areas into your garden is a much better use of space, especially in oddly-shaped gardens, and means that you can choose the exact finish and size that is suitable for your garden. If you are building your own seating, be sure to treat the wood with Protek Wood Preserver to protect against rot and fungi, before staining with Protek Wood Stain and Protector to achieve the finish you desire.

Utilise Awkward Areas

This may include spaces that are not welcoming, spaces in which grass won’t grow, or space underneath trees- but they don’t need to be wasted. If the corner is uninviting, use a corner planter to add interest. If grass won’t grow anyway, allow the kids a sandpit to cover the ground. Grow Plants Upwards

Trees and shrubs take up a lot of space because they spread. To save space whilst still growing plants, opt for those that ‘climb’ such as climbing roses and clematis. These can be grown against garden fences, or trellis.

Use Tiered Planters

Instead of using a variety of numerous free-standing plant pots for flowers, why not opt for those that have multi-levels. Growing plants in a cascade style planter will not only save space, but can be a real statement piece in your garden.

Plant in Window Boxes

If your outside space is so small that every bit of floor space is required for seating, you don’t have to miss out on growing plants and flowers: simply use window boxes. They can be used to grown flowers, herbs and succulents, meaning that even the smallest gardens can still boast a variety of plants.

Do you have any more tips on how to maximise space in the garden? Share your ideas!