Creating Seating in Your Garden

Seating is a key part to any garden, especially during the summer months, whether you wish to entertain guests or simply to enjoy it yourselves. However, it can sometimes be difficult to think of new and unique garden seating ideas. If you’re bored of traditional wooden seats and benches in your garden, this guide could show you some suggestions for different garden seating.


Bean bags are a fun form of garden seating, and aren’t just for children! If you buy them in a waterproof material, you won’t even have to worry about moving them inside if it rains! Beanbags are also available in a wide variety of different colours and sizes meaning everyone can choose the perfect type for their own garden. Large bean bags are perfect for sharing, too.

2.Natural seating

This is natural in the way that it has not been carved into an actual seat or still, but rather something that you can sit on and has had very little done with it in the way of design. Because this style of seating requires little skill, you can also make them yourself, meaning they’re even more unique- just ensure you treat the wood to avoid it drying out, or giving anyone splinters.

3.Swing seating

Swing seating isn’t particularly innovative, but it is more interesting than a standard bench. They are sure to be popular among children, but are also a great way for adults to relax at the end of a long day. If you want it to last for years, these wooden swing benches may be preferable over a cheaper metal option and is definitely an investment piece.

4.Arbour seating

Arbour seating is perfect if you have a small separate part of your garden that you want to keep for relaxing in. Regardless of how decorative the arbour is itself, you can decorate it with climbing plants and intertwine fairy lights into the greenery to give it a really magical, relaxing touch. Paving superstore have a variety of arbour seating to suit different garden styles.

Do you have any more creative garden seating ideas? Perhaps they involve recycling and reusing old materials? Share your ideas in the comments section below!

[Photo Credit: best4garden- wood products]