How to Make Your Patio Interesting

In order to enjoy your patio area to its fullest potential, you will want to make it as interesting as possible. Making a patio interesting doesn’t have to cost a lot or be complicated, meaning that it is possible for everyone to achieve. If you’re lacking ideas of how to make your patio more interesting, this guide could give you the inspiration you need!

Include a pattern

Of course, this is a step that should be taken when you are first laying the patio area. You can create a pattern simply by alternating the colours of the slabs or bricks around the edges of the patio. Alternatively, you could use specific shape kits to form a pattern in the centre of your patio area. The Paving Superstore circular and octagonal paving sets make this straightforward.

Add a border

It is not just the actual bricks that make the patio area that can be interesting, but what you place around it, too. You could include a brick border when you install the patio area as a more permanent method of adding a border to the area. However, you are also able to add a border that is more easily changed. Flowers, shrubs and other plants are a great way of adding a border around your patio area, and they are an inexpensive way of doing so, too. You could also make this useful by growing vegetables in the borders, saving space in a smaller garden.

Add some art

Artwork is another way of making your patio area interesting without needing to spend a lot of money and without making a long-term commitment. Garden art can take the form of wall art, such as a garden mirror. The great thing about garden art is that it doesn’t have to just be decorative, it can be practical, too, like this cascade planter.

Add a pop of colour

You can add colour to your patio in a variety of ways and, once again, it’s a solution that can be changed as and when you wish. Flowers are a great way of doing this and incorporating many different colours at one time. You can also add colour to make your patio more interesting through garden accessories, such as cushions, candles and parasols.

Do you have any more tips on how to make a patio more interesting and enjoyable? Share your advice and ideas in the comments section!

[Photo Credit: Field Outdoor Spaces]