Gardening Tasks for July

If you keep up to date with your monthly garden tasks, you might find that there is very little that actually needs doing in your garden in July. However, a little sprucing up and attention to detail during this month can only be a good thing! Whether you are up to date or know that you should pay a little more attention to your garden, here are some tips on what garden tasks to carry out this month!

 Water, water, water

July is usually one of the hottest months of the year in England, which means that plants will really benefit from some extra watering. Plants will benefit most from being watered little and often. In fact, over watering plants so that soil becomes waterlogged could do more harm than good! Once a day should be plenty, but on hotter days, and if there has been a lack of rain, twice a day may be necessary. Remember that it is always best to reuse water whenever possible- bath and washing up water is suitable as long as it isn’t too dirty or soapy and collected rainwater is perfect!

 Cut back plant containers

Whether you are growing plants in pots, larger containers or hanging basket, you should trim back any overgrown plants and flowers. This will help to encourage the plants to grow even more and will stop them from drying out, keeping the plants looking healthy! Remember that regular watering and feeding your plants is also vital to making them look their best.

Take cuttings

It won’t be long before winter is upon us again, so taking cuttings over tender plants for overwintering indoors is perfect preparation. You do still have a couple of months before the temperatures fall significantly, so it is not necessary to take all of the clippings at once!

Plant your Christmas potatoes

If you plant your second crop of potatoes now, they will be ready in time for Christmas, meaning you can have fresh, homegrown potatoes with your Christmas dinner. It would be ideal to plant them in bags or containers that can be moved under cover when the frosts make an appearance.

Clean ponds

Cleaning your pond doesn’t just mean that your garden will look nicer, but the wildlife in your garden and pond will be grateful for it! Clear your pond of algae, blanket weeds and other debris (such as leaves) to allow oxygen into the water, meaning wildlife will thrive there!

Spruce up the woodwork

Given the usual lack of rain in July, it is the perfect month to spruce up your woodwork. Whether you are adding wood protector or feed to tired, dry wood, or brightening up some faded painted wood, there is no better time than July.

Keep sowing salad leaves

A salad makes the perfect summer meal, so it’s great to have homegrown lettuce in continuous supply. If you sow new seeds every two weeks, you should have enough to last, but with little waste!

Do you have any advice on what to do in the garden in July? Share your ideas!

[Photo Credit: ukgardenphotos ]