Garden Wall Ideas

Garden walls make a great addition to any style of property, with a host of benefits for the homeowners. When you have an attractive wall in the front of your home, you can make a great first impression on visitors, as well as letting neighbours see your impeccable style. When you have back garden walls, you can enjoy more privacy in sitting areas or for outdoor dining and be shielded from the wind. In addition, garden walls are a lot more durable than having a fence, offer more privacy and last a lifetime. You can create any style you want with garden walls. Use Wall Cladding and coping

To create a modern style garden, replicating real granite, have a look at the Stonemarket Paving Manmade Rio Carbon Walling. Made from manmade concrete, this Stonemarket walling looks just like real granite with the same textured effect and dark grey and black colours. Not only does it look stunning in contemporary outdoor spaces, but it is also durable and long lasting, suitable for long term use.

In addition, for a lighter contemporary style, there is the Marshalls Paving Manmade Argent Light Walling. This boasts an attractive granite design, as well as light grey shades with natural looking flecks of black, silver and grey. Nobody will know this walling is made from manmade concrete, except for your bank account! It can be used in the front garden as a low wall or in the back garden for around steps and platforms.

If you are looking to create a classic and traditional style wall to complement your property, we recommend the Marshalls Paving Manmade Tegula Drivesett Traditional Walling. Made from manmade concrete, these bricks are durable and are great for creating low walling around a driveway or in a back garden. It boasts a timeworn appearance, with pink, grey and buff shades, sure to add character to any outdoor space.


Wall Cladding

Yet, everybody knows that building garden walls isn’t cheap. That is why wall cladding has become so popular. This is a decorative covering that can make your wall look attractive without draining your bank account. You can achieve your desired style by spending a lot less money, as you can use your old wall or build a newer wall in an affordable material and cover it with wall cladding.

In addition, wall cladding is available in an endless variety of styles and designs to match any modern or traditional home. You can choose different materials, textures and finishes to create your desired look. This can really complement your garden décor and add the finishing touches to your outdoor space.

What’s more, wall cladding can actually be used not only to look good, but to protect the exteriors of your wall. It is durable and easy to maintain, which means that it can look good and serve a purpose all year round.