Using Boulders and Feature Stones in Your Garden

A great way to add character and attractive decoration to a plain garden is by using boulders and feature stones. This can create focal points in a dull garden and connect your landscape to your plants, as well as serving a functional purpose of creating walls or borders in your outdoor space.

At the Paving Superstore, we have a large collection of boulders and feature stones to complement any garden.



Landscaping Factors to Consider

Before rushing into buying any boulders and feature stones for your outdoor space, there are several landscaping factors to consider.

It is important to think about what function the boulders and feature stones will serve in your garden. Perhaps they will create a focal point or attractive centrepiece or serve a more practical purpose of keeping plant areas separated.

While boulders and stone are versatile in how they can be used, you will have to think about where they will be suited in your garden, as well as what size will suit best. It goes without saying that if you have a square and modest garden, round and small feature stones will complement your outdoor space better than a giant boulder. If you do have a larger garden, you will be more flexible in what features you can use. In addition, you should think about the shape and height of the boulder, keeping it in proportion with your fence sizes and other garden features.

This brings us onto the main consideration; what boulders and features stones should I use to add style to my garden? It is without a doubt natural stone will make a stunning addition to any garden. Not only does it enjoy unique textures and attractive colours, but it is also long lasting and durable for in your garden, even against the unpredictable British weather.



Creating a Centrepiece

While flowers and plants are often the most popular way to decorate your garden, you will be surprised by the amazing effect a feature stone can have in your outdoor space. For example, the Black State Monolith Drilled makes a beautiful addition to modern gardens. Made from slate, this can create a focal point that visitors will love to see and talk about.

If you have a more traditional garden, check out the Purple Wave Standing Stone. Measuring from 500 millimetres up to 2 metres tall, this feature stone will really add character to your outdoor space. The purple and light greenish grey and brownish orange colours are stunning to look at. In addition, these are generally low-maintenance centrepieces that take a lot less work to maintain than flowers or plants.



Fire Pit

Using boulders to decorate your fire pit is a natural way to add interest and will look great when the fire is going strong, as well as acting as a safety feature. In particular, the Longstone Rockery is available in shades of grey that will complement traditional style homes and is ideal if you are making your own fire pit in your back garden.



Pond and Plant Borders

To create a plant border that is practical and will not over shadow your vibrant flowers, we recommend the Highland Mixed Glacial Boulders. The mixed textures of grey and beige will complement any outdoor space and add natural decoration without being intrusive. They are available in sizes of 200 to 400 millimetres.

With deep shades of maroons and white swirls, the Red Laguna Boulders makes a great display around a pond of a traditional home. They will provide a nice contrast with the dark pond water and will create a natural effect with their different shapes and textures. They are also fish friendly to use inside the pond.



Enjoy a Rock Garden

A rock garden can enhance the natural beauty of the plants around them or even look stunning on their own. Boulders and feature stones are a great way to add a feature to your garden that requires little maintenance or care and still looks great all year round.

To create a cottage style back garden, have a look at the Yorkstone Rockery. This beautiful natural stone has beigey and brown colours, which will suit outdoor spaces with lots of grass and foliage.

The Highland Red Rockery is going to add a warm glow to your garden and help to create a desert theme. Reminiscent of the red rocks you find in Sedona, Arizona, this will complement outdoor cacti and succulent plants and allow you to be proud of your garden again.