Gardening Tasks for August

Once again, a new month means new jobs to carry out in the garden. You might be going away to get some sun, or just hoping to enjoy some relaxing sunny days in the garden, but it is still important to keep on top of your gardening. However, if you are unsure of what needs to be done in the garden and how you can prepare for the transition from summer into autumn, this guide could give you a helping hand.

Water, Water, Water!

This was in last month’s tasks, and it important throughout the whole year. However, because August is usually the hottest month of the year, if we are lucky, it is especially important to keep your plants well hydrated. However, it is important that you don’t over water plants, that is to say soaking them so that the soil is soggy. Instead, try to water little and often- twice a day should suffice, unless it has rained, or is especially warm. If you are going away, it might be worth investing in an automatic watering system, especially for your vegetables! It will save you the worry and hassle of trusting someone else to water your plants when you can’t. Ideally, you should used recycled rain water or even reasonably clean bath water, if possible.

Feed up!

As well as drying out plants and the soil they are in, the hot weather can rob the soil of vital nutrients it needs to help plants grow to their fullest potential. In order to solve this problem, you should use plant feed to replace the nutrients that they are missing. You should also use manure to feed your soil and make it as rich as it should be.

Keep Weeding

Weeding is one of the most tedious garden tasks, but doing it regularly will prevent it from becoming a time consuming one. It is important because, not only do weeds look untidy, they also use valuable moisture in the soil that your plants and flowers need. If you weed on a warm, sunny day, the heat from the sun will dry out any weed roots that may remain and prevent the same one from growing back.

Look After the Birds

It is important to help look after the birds in the hot summer weather, as food and water is in shorter supply for them than at other times of the year. Refresh water in your birdbath or water dispenser everyday, or if you notice that it is empty. You should also provide them with fresh bird feed, disposing of any mouldy leftovers.

Prepare the Poinsettias

If you want to enjoy these beautiful festive plants at Christmas, you should begin caring for them now in order for them to look their very best. Try to keep them in the dark for 14 hours of the day, and in the sun for the remaining 10 hours. This routine will help to develop the deep colours of the flower.

Do you have any tips on which garden tasks are important in August? Share your ideas in the comments!

[Photo Credit: Rhian vK]