Adding Different Textures to your Garden

You can make your garden more interesting by adding colourful plants, and garden accessories, but these can still leave your garden looking a little two dimensional. Adding different textures in the garden can help to give your garden the three dimensional depth that will make it come to life. If you aren’t sure of how to add different textures to your garden and what textures you could add, this guide could help.


If you have a lot of stone in your garden, water is a great way to soften the edges and make it more welcoming. You can add water in the way of a pond, which would also encourage wildlife into the garden, or a pool, which is a fantastic summer addition for those who have the space. However, if you don’t have the ground space for either of these, you can incorporate water through the use of a fountain or water feature.

Glass Pebbles

Regular stone pebbles and shingle are not just a predictable choice of garden material, but they don’t stand out among other stone patio and paving slabs in the garden. Pebbles can be a good alternative as they are smoother and are more noticeable in borders, or wherever you place them. Glass pebbles are also great at adding a different texture as a mosaic feature of a patio area or garden path.


Even though bark blends into a garden because of its colour, its uneven texture makes it the perfect material for adding texture without taking risks. Bark means that you can add some depth to your garden at the same time as maintaining a traditional, natural look.

Mix Flowers, Shrubs and Succulents

Mixing different plants is another easy way of adding different textures to a garden. In the correct amounts, mixtures can give a great balance. Flower petals will give a feeling of softness, shrubs will add some depth and a more rough texture, and succulents are often a good combination of the two. Ensure to keep such a mixture of plants well maintained, otherwise the extra texture could result in your garden looking more messy than three dimensional.

Do you have any more tips on how to add different textures to a garden space? Share your ideas in the comments below!

[Photo Credit: studio-d ]