How to Make Your Pet Comfortable in the Garden

Obviously you want to feel comfortable in your garden and to be able to relax there, but if your pet will be spending a lot of time outside, you will want them to feel comfortable too. Of course, making an animal comfortable in the garden isn’t just about giving them somewhere nice to sleep, you have to ensure that they are safe, too. If you are unsure of how to make your animal comfortable in the garden, this guide could help.

Keep Them Secure

It is important that, for your animals to be completely comfortable in the garden, it is important that they are secure and can’t easily escape. If you have a larger garden, you may wish to create a small enclosure for your pets to make it easier to keep them comfortable. Using fencing to build a small, gated area would be ideal for dogs, and would keep their mess in a limited area and gives you a smaller area to focus on making perfect for them. Likewise, if your animals are secure, it means that they are safe from predators such as foxes.

Give Them Shelter

While the weather’s a little warmer, you might prefer to leave your pets outside in the fresh air rather than in the house when you go out. However, because of the unreliable British weather, and our luck with the rain, you should ensure that your pets do have somewhere to shelter. A roofed kennel for dogs is great as it allows rain to run off easily, rather than resting on the roof.

Use Pet-Friendly Products

If your pet is free to explore all of your garden, you should be careful of the products you use outside. If you are using products on any of the plants or the lawn in your garden, you should check that they are pet-friendly. Any products that aren’t could make your pet incredibly ill if they ingest it, so if you must use a product that isn’t pet-friendly, ensure that your pets are kept as far away from the treated area as possible.

Keep Them Well Hydrated

Chances are that, if your animal is in the garden, they will be playing, exploring and running around. This could mean that they need more water than usual, especially if it is warm. Simply keeping a bowl topped up with fresh, cool water for them means that they can help themselves whenever they need a drink.

Use Paw-Friendly Surfaces

Our pets’ paws can be a lot more sensitive than we think, and this is definitely something to keep in mind when designing your garden. Try to keep surfaces flat and even where possible, and try to avoid sharp materials for mulching.

Do you have any more tips on how to make your animal comfortable in the garden? Share them in the comments.

[Photo Credit: *DollyLove*]