Gardening Tasks for September

The days might be growing shorter and you might not be able to spend as much time outside enjoying your garden, but that is not to say that you shouldn’t give it as much care and attention as during the warmer months. This guide should provide you with plenty of ideas as to what needs to be done in the garden this September.

Plant your Perennials

September is the perfect time to start planting perennial plants because the soil still has the vital warmth to help stimulate their growth and there is generally more rainfall to provide them with necessary nutrients.

Continue to Deadhead Plants

You can keep your summer plants and flowers going just that little while longer by deadheading them and removing and cutting back any dry branches or leaves. This will also help to encourage last late summer flowering, allowing you to keep your garden brighter past the end of summer and further into the month of September.

Hydrate Drought-Stressed Plants

The lack of rain in summer can mean that, even if you regularly water your plants, they can become dehydrated and drought-stressed, particularly shrubs and trees. This means it is important to thoroughly water these plants, especially if they have been planted recently. The cooler weather means that soil will hold water better and can put the vitality back into the plants that might have been missing over summer.

Clear Away Dead Leaves

As we see the transition from summer into autumn, the leaves will begin to fall from the trees. As beautiful as the burnt orange colour can look in your garden, it is important that you clear these leaves away as quickly as you can. If the leaves begin to rot, they can cause diseases in the other plants in your garden. You don’t have to completely get rid of them, however they are incredibly useful in the compost heap and shredding them beforehand will help them to decompose faster. However, it is important that you do not add any already diseased leaves onto the compost heap as spreading them will cause disease to other plants in your garden.

Rectify Summer Damage to your Lawn

The warmer weather and reduced rainfall in summer can take its toll on your lawn area, and September is the perfect time to rectify this damage, as well as preparing it for the winter. Sprinkle grass seed over your lawn area, which will help to even out any patchy areas on your lawn. You should also mow your grass less frequently and gradually increase the length of the grass to protect it against treading when the wet autumnal and winter weather makes an appearance.

Clean Moss and Algae

You should try to keep your garden free of moss and algae all year round, but it is particularly important as we may our way into the cooler months. Pressure washers are ideal for this, but a stiff bristled brush with a solution of hot soapy water will also work. Cleaning the moss and algae now will prevent garden surfaces from becoming slippery in the wet weather.

Do you have any more tips on what to do in the garden this September? Share your ideas.