Tips on Hosting the Best Final Summer Garden Party

It would be a shame for summer to end without sending it off with one last summer garden party. Given that it will be the last one of the year, you will probably want to make sure that everyone remembers it. If you are unsure of how to make your garden party really special, this guide could give you some inspiration.

Provide Plenty of Seating

There are few things that are more annoying at a party than a shortage in seating. Obviously it may be difficult to ensure that everyone is always able to have a seat at larger parties, but for smaller gatherings it is doable. Large benches are a great way to get around this, but picnic blankets on grass areas can also work as a seating area for slightly larger groups of people.

Prepare for Rain

Even if it is supposed to be a summer party, the British weather is almost guaranteed to provide a shower or too for the event. In order to prevent your party from becoming a complete wash out, or your house from becoming packed with people, shelter in the garden is necessary and is likely to stop people from leaving early, as they’ll wait for the rain to ‘pass over’. If you have the space, a summerhouse or permanent gazebo would be ideal, but parasols and awnings will also do the trick.

Keep Mosquitos Away

Summer may almost be over but the mosquitos and other flying bugs are usually still around at the beginning of September. These can be incredibly annoying when you’re sitting outside for long periods of time, such as at garden parties. Keep them away with citronella candles which are not only practical, but can look pretty as the sun sets, too.

Keep the Kids Entertained

Entertaining the children at your party is a great way to ensure that everyone enjoys the party- parents can relax and children are having fun. Sandpits are great with younger ones who are content to stay in one place, whilst swings and slides will keep more active children occupied.

Do you have any more tips on hosting the best final summer garden party? Share your ideas in the comments!