How to Build a Wheelie Bin Store


Nowadays, wheelie bins are a common feature in almost all of our gardens, and they’re great because they mean we can help the environment by recycling all different types of our household and garden waste. However, the down side of wheelie bins is that they really can be unsightly. Not only will having a wheelie bin store help to disguise them, it will also keep them sheltered in windy weather, helping to prevent them being knocked over in the wind, meaning picking up old rubbish is a job you won’t have to do. But where do you start with building one? If you’re unsure, this guide could help you!

What tools will I need?

Building a wheelie bin store is more straight forward than you might imagine, so you will need fewer tools than you might think. The basic tools for this job include: a hammer, a drill and a spade or a shovel.

What materials would I need?

Likewise, the materials are also fairly basic. Sheets of timber (those recycled from old wooden pallets will suffice), some paving slabs and some corrugated iron or plastic will allow you to build a basic, yet effective wheelie bin store. If you want your store to have doors, you should also buy some hinges, and perhaps a latch so that you can securely close the door.

How Do I Build It?

Step One

Decide where you want your store, how big it needs to be and measure it out. When making these decisions, you should consider how easy it will be to access the bins for when you need to move them, and how much effort you will need to put in to put out the rubbish. You should also consider how many wheelie bins you have and their size when measuring out the space- there’s little point in making a store if you can’t fit all of the bins in!

Step Two

Dig out the turf in the area you want your store. Place your paving slabs in this space, ensuring they are level. It’s important to put paving stones in this area because it’ll make movement of the bins easier than if they were just on grass. Also, you might damage your grass if you place heavy bins directly on top of it.

Step Three

Make frames for the skeleton of your wheelie bin store, proceeding to add the full walls, screwing each side together using your drill. Ensure that each wall is the same height in order  that it is stable, and that the roof will be level when placed on top.

Step Four

You should now use the hinges, anti-rust, if possible, to attach the doors and roof to your wheelie bin store. If you like you can also treat the wood with a weather proof sealant to help it last longer, and look better, in your garden.

Do you have any more tips on how to build a wheelie bin store? Share them in the comments below!

[Photo Credit: Mini OzzY ]