How to Rabbit-Proof Your Garden

It can be difficult knowing what methods will be effective in stopping animals from doing what you wish they wouldn’t, with money and effort always in the back of your mind. In general, the smaller the animal, the more difficult the task as they always seem to find a way around whatever you put in place. Rabbits are well-known for this trait. Whether you’re trying to prevent wild rabbits from entering your garden and potentially ruining plants, crops and flowers, or you wish to stop your own pet rabbit from escaping, this guide could help you.

Block the Bottom of Gates

Obviously, garden gates will stop larger animals, such as dogs and foxes etc. from getting in or out of your garden, but the small spaces underneath are perfect for rabbits to get through. If you rarely use the gates for access yourself you can easily block the gaps using plant containers and plant pots, which will also add some decoration to the garden. However, if having to move these containers and pots would be an inconvenience, you can invest in lengths of brush that can be fixed to the bottom and will stop the animals from getting through.

Keep Important Plants Out of Reach

Many of us have one particular area in our garden of which we are particularly proud and it would be a shame if rabbits were able to get to them and ruin any effort we put into getting them how we wanted. If the plants are in separate pots and containers, you should raise these to as high a level as possible in your garden. If not, you can purchase wire fencing at reasonable prices which can keep the animals out. Make sure, however, that your fencing is high enough that the rabbits can’t simply hop over it when left to roam in the garden. Also, it is important that you don’t use any type of fencing that could cause harm to the rabbits, such as barbed or razor wire.

Section of Ponds and Fountains

In the same way that you wouldn’t want rabbits to get to your favourite plants, you should also make sure they have no risk of falling into water features such as ponds or fountains. You can prevent this in similar ways that you would prevent them from accessing important areas of the garden: with a small wire fence.

Stop them from Digging

If you’re worried about your rabbit escaping because they enjoy digging, and dig too much, you should place some tiles or stones on the surface in which they spend long amounts of time. This will prevent them from making tunnels in the ground. Alternatively, you can place a sheet of wire under their area, meaning they can still have access to fresh grass, but without the worry that they may escape.


Do you have any top tips on how to rabbit proof a garden? Perhaps you’ve learnt a lesson from letting your bunny roam freely around the garden unattended? Share your advice in the comments section!

[Photo Credit: Ben Kreeger ]