Tips For Alternatives to Fence Panels

The easy and go-to option for creating privacy or boundaries in a garden is traditional wooden fence panels. You might feel, however, that fence panels are a little boring and want to choose something more interesting, or less common for your garden. If you are finding it difficult to decide on an alternative to fence panels that is just as effective, this guide could help you!

Grow a Hedge

Hedges are close in terms to a wooden garden fence in terms of popularity, but they are more interesting that panels of brown wood. You aren’t restricted to regular hedges that don’t flower, either. You should choose your favourite flowering hedge to add more interest to your garden.

Willow, Bamboo or Reed Panels

Not only are these a more interesting solution to garden fencing, they are also incredibly cheap and easy to install yourself. Choosing these types of panels can add different colours and textures to your garden, which makes it a really simple way of brightening up your garden in a way that you may not have thought of before. These panels would work best when fixed to something else, such as inexpensive wire fencing, however.

Trellis with Climbing Plants

This wouldn’t be the ideal solution if you’re looking for a very sturdy fencing fix, but it is pretty. You can buy different types of trellis at various prices, and should obviously opt for a better quality version if you want a stronger fence. After you have erected the trellis, you need to choose the climbing plants. Something like a vine can produce dense coverage for privacy, and a prickly plant such as a climbing rose bush will help to discourage animals from climbing the fence.

Get Creative

Being prepared to do some work for yourself is the perfect way to ensure that, not only is your garden fencing original and unique, you don’t spend too much on it! Why not recycle old materials such as wooden pallets by building them up as high as you’d like your fencing to be. Alternatively, you could use old boat sales tied to secure points in your garden to create privacy. A great way to save even more money when being creative is to look on freecycle, in local newspapers and even on social media websites for people advertising old things they want to sell at very low costs or even give away!

Glass Panels or Bottles

Few things look more beautiful than the sun’s light beaming through coloured glass. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a budget-friendly alternative solution to fence panels, but it will make a very attractive feature in your garden. You can buy pre-made panels with various coloured glass blocks or bottles online and in some garden and homeware stores, but there’s nothing to stop you from making one yourself if you have the patience!

Do you have any more suggestions on alternatives to garden fence panels? Share your ideas in the comments below!

[Photo Credit: rocor ]