January Pick-Me-Ups For The Garden

The January Blues will hit most of us at least once: Christmas is over, it is incredibly cold outside and the sun is still setting upsettingly early. We all need a little January pick-me-up, including our gardens who will have taken a beating from the harsh winter weather, but most of us don’t have a lot of spare money for them. Here are some ideas for some inexpensive January pick-me-ups for your garden to give it a little lift that will make it look a little prettier, and make you feel a little happier.

Clear Away The Leaves

Clearing up the leaves in your garden, on the lawn and in borders, will instantly make the world of difference to its appearance, and it is completely free! The leaves don’t even have to go to waste! As long as they haven’t started to rot, add them to your compost heap to contribute to your home-made compost for a doubly positive outcome.

Get Weeding

Similarly to raking up the leaves in your garden, eliminating any weeds from your garden that may have made an appearance over the Christmas and New Year period will give your garden an instant uplift. Weeds will also steal any vital nutrients in the soil that your plants will actually need in this harsh weather, so the sooner they are gone, the better!

Trim The Hedges

As with weeding, you may have fallen behind with trimming the hedges over the festive period, and now that you are back at work you haven’t really had the time. However, dedicating just an hour to your Sunday morning trimming them back and tidying them up will give your garden that ‘perfected’ look, once again, having spent no money and very little time and effort doing so.

Buy A Bird Feeder

Birds are a beautiful addition to any garden, and can provide plenty of entertainment on a Sunday afternoon just watching them go about their business. Installing a bird feeder in your garden will attract more birds there, and will also be of great help to our feathery friends, as food sources are hard to come by at this time of year. However, just be sure to place them high up in order to avoid foxes and other such animals getting the food instead of the birds.

Do you have any more tips on how to give your garden a new lease of life in the depths of the winter? Share your ideas in the comments!