Tips on Designing A Driveway

Being at the front of the house, you want a driveway to look great as it can really have an effect on the overall appearance of your home. However, because the driveway will be subject to a lot of foot traffic, and will have to withstand the weight of cars parked and driving on it, it is important that it is made from suitable materials, otherwise you may have to redo it sooner than you would like. If you are looking to redesign your driveway, but are stuck for ideas, these tips could help you out!

Get the Size Right

Of course, you probably have a limited space for your driveway anyway, but you should ensure that you do allow enough space for your vehicles to be parked as well as enough space for you to walk around them fairly easily. A minimum of 10 feet per car in width is recommended, and between 18-20 feet in length per car. This will, however, depend on the size of your own cars.

Consider Practical Materials

Driveways can be filled in with a number of different materials, but it is important that you weigh up the options and choose what is most practical for youPaving blocks are a good, traditional option and can be bought in a variety of colours and materials and will be easier to walk on. However, these can become slippery if they are dirty or wet and they are more expensive to install in the first place.

Involve A Decorative Pattern

A driveway doesn’t just have to serve its practical purpose, it can look attractive, too. Patterns and shapes are the easiest way to make the driveway itself look pretty, and these are available to buy in different shape sets, including circle and octagons.

Seal It Properly

It is important to seal the paving on your driveway to protect the stone and to increase its longevity. Using a sealant to protect the material will protect it from discoloration, algae deposits (which can be slippery) and weather damage. In general, sealers will help your driveway to look better for longer.

Decorate The Borders

Once you are happy with how the actual driveway will look, you may want to make the edges of it attractive. You can do this by edging the driveway with paving blocks and then by filling in the edges with either plants and flowers or perhaps some decorative pebbles.

These are just a few things that you can consider when you are redesigning your driveway.

[Photo Credit: wplynn]