Tips For Redesigning Your Garden

Redesigning your garden can help to give it a new lease of life. It may not only change its appearance, but the way you use it and can make it a more enjoyable space in which you can relax. However, it can be difficult to decide what to do to your garden and where you should spend your time and money. This guide could help you out.

Break Up Open Spaces

Large areas of plain grass can leave your garden looking empty and uninteresting. Breaking up these spaces can help to give your garden a contemporary feel and will create the sense of different areas in your garden. You don’t necessarily have to physically separate the areas with fencing, but simply placing different containers of plants in different locations will create a more gentle separation and subtly break up large open spaces.

Direct The Eye

Directing the gaze to a specific point, or to specific points, in the garden makes it more of a focal point of interest, and thus a conversation starter for when guests come round. You can direct the gaze by placing a water fountain at the end, or centre point of the garden.

Use Varying Textures

Varying the textures in your garden can help to make your garden more interesting as it means that there are a variety of different layers to the garden and means it is more interesting for you and your guests to look at. Use different types of plants, including flowers and shrubbery as well as different materials, such as woods and metals to create the different levels.

Create Movement

Having a garden that can move is a great way to make it interesting. Including tall, reed-like plants that will move in the wind, as well as water features that involve moving water, and wind ornaments in order to add a dynamic feel to your garden.

Recycle Items

Redesigning a garden can be expensive, which means that recycling materials for it not only makes it look more interesting, but will save you money in the process. Recycle old tin bathtubs or buckets to use as plant pots, and old railway sleepers make great seating. Get creative and visit car boot sales, salvage yards and second hand shops to see where you can save money.

Embrace Colour

Injecting some colour into your new garden is a sure way to ensure that people realise you have redesigned it because colour is so pleasing to look at. Even for modern and minimalistic gardens that don’t necessarily suit colourful flowers, it is possible to incorporate colour through different coloured foliage and shrubbery.

Make It Low-Maintenance

If you are spending lots of time and money redesigning your garden, make it easy for yourself by creating a garden that requires little time and money to maintain. Try to plant plants that require little watering, such as succulents, and minimise the amount of grass in your garden to reduce the amount of time you will spend cutting it. You should also be sure to lay weed matting under borders to cut down the weeding you will need to do in the future.

Do you have any tips on redesigning a garden? Share your ideas in the comments!

[Photo Credit:  alljengi]