Keep your Garden Healthy in Dry Weather


The UK has seen amazing weather this summer, which means that more and more people are spending time outside and in the fresh air.  When you are back from your holidays and want to top up your tan or even if you are having evening barbecues in the sunshine, families and friends are out in the garden more than ever. Before you think it's all gone, think again! It’s not over yet, with great late summer/early Autumn weather forecast for September!

But the bad thing about so much sun and so little rain is that your garden starts to suffer. Without enough water, your plants and grass begin to die and they can lose their colour that makes your outdoor space look so great.But, the good news is that there are some simple things that you can do to keep your garden healthy through the dry weather. So, let’s find out what they are!

Water your Plants

It seems an obvious pointer to start out with but you would be surprised just how many people do not water their plants. During a drought, you have got to make sure you water your plants every day for them to stay healthy and grow. The best time to water your plants is in the morning and in the evening once the sun has gone down. This is because the water will evaporate during the day when the hot sun is out. By choosing a cooler time, the water has more time to seep into the soil.

In addition, just like your plants, your grass needs water too. One of the best ways to make sure there is an even spread of water for your grass is with a sprinkler. You can leave it running and you do not have to do it manually. Perfect!

Choose New Garden Pots

Plants use their roots to search for water sources and of course, during a drought there is no water for your plants to drink. While the plants that you have in the ground can keep searching, those in pots cannot when they are too small. So, it is best to change your plants that are in pots to bigger ones so there is more area that can retain water. This is really going to help when there is a drought this summer. Your plants will keep their beautiful colours!

Have a Water Feature

Naturally, the water from your pond will evaporate during the summer. This means that it will need topped up and even more so if there is a drought. So, one simple way you can do this without having to fill it up yourself all day is by choosing a water feature. For example, the

Stowasis Avon Advantage Stainless Steel Water Feature

looks fantastic in your garden, with the triple stainless steel pipes. It has a polished finish and it comes with everything you need to get started. The water flows out of the top of each tube and runs down the feature, which is going to keep water circulating in your pond and make sure that it doesn’t look like it is emptying in the drought.

Use a Rich Compost

The soil is very important to keep your plants and flowers healthy during the year. But, when there is a drought, it can be difficult for your plants and flowers to get the water and nutrients that they need. One way that you can help to trap the moisture and nutrients for your plants and flowers is by using compost. This is going to make sure that your plants and flowers can still grow and look great during the summer.

You can even create your own compost to use in your garden! With a composter you can save money and use food scraps, garden clippings and leaves to make your compost. It is really easy to do yourself and all you have to do is leave them in the composter for a while. This way you can avoid using chemical fertilisers too and your plants and flowers are still getting all of the important nutrients that they need, as well as having better water retention in the soil for during the drought.

Consider Artificial Grass

If you are fed up of the maintenance you have got to do in the summer, why not consider artificial grass for your garden? This is a great alternative to real grass since it will look great all year round and even through a drought. You won’t have to water your grass and it will look green without any work. Sounds great, right? It is simple to lay artificial grass and it can easily be done by yourself.