Mix Cobbles in with your Paving Design

Occasionally, it is lovely to break up a wide expanse of paving with cobble setts. You can leave a slab out and replace with cobbles every so often to soften the paving appearance or even add low growing plants to a gap in the paving. Paving can look beautiful in your garden, however a very large area can not always be flattering for your garden especially in winter with very little colour to add brightness to the scene. By adding a little foliage or contrasting cobbles sporadically, you can make 'boring' into 'interesting'.



If this isn't up your street, pebbles also work a treat at separating the paving; simply create a small division between the slabs using any colour of pebbles to your preference. Not only does replacing a slab with pebbles make your paving go further, it provides a more original appearance that your visitors will be in awe over. It's the perfect way to add an edge to your paving or separate sections from each other, for example your patio and your lawn. 



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