Using Paving Vertically - Think Different

Having seen this beautiful picture today on Pinterest, the wall in the background makes an unusual and interesting feature. It looks very similar to the Natural Paving's quartzite paving on our website. Quartzite is often overlooked as a paving option and more typical paving slab materials such as sandstone, limestone and slate are used instead. However quartzite has a different set of qualities making it just that little bit more unusual and a real talking point.


Natural Paving - quartzite paving slabs


The texture is rough to the touch and almost like wood bark in appearance. It is not overly uneven, but is not perfectly flat either. The colours range from blue grey to bronze and rustic gold colours with a sparkle of translucent quartz showing through. The paving comes in slabs/flags and blocks suitable for driveways and is a very hard stone. The paving slab sizes are also a little different from the norm, coming in widths of 550x150, 600x300, 600x600 lengths enabling them to be laid in a staggered linear style, or why not vertically to cover an imposing wall.

So if you're looking for something a bit different, why not consider quartzite as a viable contender?