Turn Your Garden Into A Seasonal Display

Watching your garden bloom all year round is a spectacular show. Whether you wish to create a sundial effect or whether you'd prefer to have your entire garden blossom, continue reading to find out how to make your garden the most beautiful exhibit around. 



Creating a Sundial


Not only is this an effective way of displaying your seasonal flowers, a sundial effect allows so much creativity in how you wish to design your garden and the extra details or features you add. For example, you could place a circular design, with either lawn or paving, in the centre of your garden and use this as a guideline for your sundial. You could also simply follow the shape of your garden which would exude a more personalised concept. Despite following a clockwork design, there is still potential to use high or low plants to add depth and create more secluded or open areas; whether this is for seating or feature elements, be inventive with what you put into your garden and how you display it.  



To bring this idea to life, split your garden into four sections; summer, spring, autumn and winter.

Starting in the top right sector, summer foliage such as Delphinium, Allium or Angelonia would create a perfect backdrop to your garden. If you would prefer a more bushy plant, hydrangeas would be a perfect choice. In the spring segment, tulips or hyacinths would add a beautiful blast of colour to your garden. More mid-height flowers such as irises or pansies would enhance the sundial effect by creating added depth. Moving on to autumn, plants such as Dahlia would complement your array of floral fantasy due to its perfect symmetry and neutral colours. You may also opt for Chinese Lantern plants due to their bright orange tones and pumpkin shape. If you're looking for a taller flower, Kniphofia is a great option, or if you love the appearance of your short-stemmed flowers but wish to give them a pedestal to shine, you may use a planter or tall flower bed. Finally, for winter, the well-known snowdrops are a beautiful, durable addition to the low-lying foliage collection. If you fancy shaking things up, the ornamental cabbage is an unusual yet eye-catching accompaniment to your flowers, adding an interesting contrast. 


Alternative Displays


You can still create a seasonal display in your garden without using a sundial design. For example, you may decide to add patches of various seasonal flowers around your focal points to create a magnificent all-year-round burst of colour. You could opt for tall-stemmed plants to show themselves during the summer, and low-lying foliage to frame your furniture during the winter. With this approach, throughout the year you will have multiple unpredictable attention-grabbing areas to show off to any visitors to your garden; this also allows more flexibility to what you put into your garden, in terms of accessories or attractions. Don't forget to add outdoor lighting in amongst your foliage to highlight the most show-worthy flowers, whilst also adding dimension and perspective with the placement of your illumination.  



We hope we could provide some inspiration for designing your garden with each season in mind. If you have any more ideas or need some assistance, we at Paving Superstore would love to help. Please get in touch!