Create The Perfect View From Your Window To Your Garden

What's a more perfect way to enjoy a cuppa than to look out across your beautiful garden, glowing in the dawn light? Here at Paving Superstore we can't think of anything better, so we would love to offer you some options to make this dream come true. 


Creating Depth

If you want to achieve a worthwhile view outside of your window, composition and focal points are two key aspects to consider. For added depth to your garden, create a backdrop by placing taller features in the distance, for example evergreens or monoliths. You may also wish to place a water feature to create a focal point and draw attention down the centre of the garden and enhance the length. If you're looking for something even more eye-catching yet fantastically functional, a garden room is the way to go. On condition that you'd prefer the focal point to be in the centre of your garden, you could benefit from a mid-height archway or pergola. You can then use shrubbery, circled by long-stemmed flowers to create a mid-ground for your garden.  In the foreground, some low-lying foliage and boulders woud make a perfect boundary to your garden; or if you'd prefer something more open you could opt for a small patio, using our natural paving slabs.



Creating Specific Focal Points


An alternative idea is to choose specified areas in your garden to be your focal points. For example, when looking out the window you may want a point of interest directly in line of sight. This could be a seating area; perfect placement with carefully considered ambience can create an extension of the home. You may decide to create the perfect habitat for wildlife, using a water feature or developing a natural pond surrounded by feeders to attract creatures. Consider the elements that will make a pond stand out; lighting, decking and decorative gravel can all assist in creating a pleasing pond. 


You could choose to create mutliple smaller elements spread out through your garden. There could be a swing seat or arbour seat located amongst shrubbery and foliage to create a wonderful quiet spot in the woodlands; this could be set down on our circular paving to create a geometrically gorgeous garden. On the opposite side, you may opt for creating a beautiful floral display using pots and planters with a range of heights to create composition and utilise the space provided. Closer to the foreground you could use structures, scupltures and statues of desired height to produce an artistic and traditional focal point. 



Whatever your desire, we at Paving Superstore are ready to fulfill your dreams of a perfect garden view. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you need any more advice!