Using Gravel as a Stylish Cost-Effective Pathway Alternative

Are you going to be hosts to barbeques and family gatherings soon when the warmer weather is here? Then you will be thinking of having a garden makeover. Of course, everyone always thinks of the obvious improvements they can make first, such as new tables and chairs. But, there are other things in your outdoor space that will enhance the overall look of your garden. For example, your pathways are more eye-catching than you realise, especially if they are old and dirty.

So, how can you tidy up the pathways in your outdoor space? Well, there are many materials that you can use, but a lot of them are expensive. But, if you have a budget and want to make sure you are getting value for money, we recommend using gravel in your garden. Unfortunately, a lot of people think that gravel is boring, but there are actually lots of varieties available and a host of benefits that come with it. So, let’s find out more about why you should choose gravel for your garden!


Benefits of Gravel

Gravel is one of the best materials you can use in your garden. This is because it acts as a weed control on the ground, promotes proper drainage and it is easy to walk on. But, the great thing about using gravel is that you can create pathways in your garden without breaking the bank. It is affordable to buy and there is still tones of colours you can choose from that will complement your outdoor space. If doesn’t matter what kind of style your home is, there is gravel for you. Don’t think of it as a cheap way to enhance your garden; it is cost effective! So, if you have a budget, this is definitely the material for you. Plus, gravel is easy to lay in your garden, which means you will save time. This is just what you need when summer is right around the corner and you want to get your outdoor space ready for barbeques and family gatherings.

So, are you interested in using gravel to create the pathways in your garden? Well, let’s have a look at some to see if you can find your favourite!


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Golden Quartzite Gravel

The Golden Quartzite Gravel will look great in contemporary and traditional style gardens. It is a lovely white and beige colour of stone chips that will create inviting pathways that can connect different parts of your outdoor space. It is available in 14mm and 20mm sizes so that you can get the one that feels best for you. In addition, this gravel is also fish friendly, which means you can coordinate your pond with your pathways for ultimate style!

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White Limestone Gravel

Do you like the look of limestone? Then you will love the White Limestone Gravel that we have! The stone chips are made from limestone and boast the much-loved soft grey colours. This will blend in with your outdoor space and create a pathway that looks fantastic all year round. This gravel is available in sizes of 6mm, 10mm, 14mm and 20mm, which means the choice is yours. It will create a hardwearing path that will last you years yet looks soft enough to be inviting.

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Golden Flint Gravel

To add some warmth to your garden, you can have a look at the Golden Flint Gravel. This boasts a mixture of gold, grey and white colours, which have an angular shape. You can choose from 10mm or 20mm gravel and use it to create pathways that wind around your garden. This mixture of colours will suit any style of home and add some decoration to your outdoor space without much effort or money spent.

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Oyster Pearl Pebble Gravel

For interesting and intriguing pathways, check out the Oyster Pearl Pebble Gravel. This has a lovely grey, cream and beige mottled design that makes your garden unique. It is sure to have all of your neighbours envious of your outdoor space! It is made from natural stone for aesthetic, as well as being durable and hardwearing for creating a usable pathway at any time of the year. You can choose from sizes of 10mm, 20mm and 40mm. Of course, don’t forget that this gravel is fish friendly and this can accompany your pathways for a matching design.