Garden Ideas on a Budget

Does your garden desperately need a makeover for the summer? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! It is easy to neglect your outdoor space during the colder months of the year only to discover that when the sun starts to come out, the garden no longer looks like it did last year. But, a lot of us don’t want to spend a fortune on a garden makeover. The good news is that there are ways you can get your outdoor space looking beautiful and ready for summer gatherings on a budget.

So, let’s find out how!


plant flowers

Plant some Flowers

One of the best sights when it is warm outside is colourful and pretty flowers! This is a cheap and easy way to brighten up your garden and make it homelier. All you have got to do is choose your favourite flowers and invest in some nice feature pots. For example, the Rowlinson Marberry Obelisk Planter is perfect for modern gardens. They are lightweight so that you can place them wherever you want in your garden, whether it is near to the grass or on your patio.

decking lights

Add some Decking Lights

Would you love to sit out on your patio in the warm summer evenings? Well, now you can by adding some garden lights! These can be inserted into your decking so that you can create an al fresco dining or lounge area, as well as using them to light up paths and other parts of your garden. In particular, the LED Decking Lights are perfect for improving your patio on a budget. This is a set of four lights and you can choose to have white or blue LEDs. This will create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and making the most of the good weather in your outdoor space.

create lawn

Create a Lawn

Everyone loves some grass in their garden and it makes the perfect area for pets and children to play when the sun is out. Plus, it isn’t too expensive to have fitted and will last you for a while when properly cared for. For example, the turf that we have is a lovely green colour and it is grown to  be resilient for the British weather. It is easy to lay in your garden and you can choose the size you need to fit the area that you would like to feature some nice and green grass.

create pathway

Design Pathways

You might think that creating pathways to connect different parts of your garden is a hard project. But, it can actually be easy and affordable in time for summer! In particular, we love the Standard Economy Shingle for gardens since it is cheap and looks beautiful in any style of outdoor space. You can get big bags and they are made from natural stone, which is perfect for walking on and making your garden look more attractive. You can create pathways to your patio and around your grass, as well as create a driveway for your car.

Veg Patch

Choose a Bench

If you love to sit out in the sun and relax with friends or even enjoy peace and read a book, why not add a bench to your outdoor space? This will give you somewhere that you can chill out and enjoy the summer weather. You can add a Rowlinson Garden Creations Seat Set to your outdoor space, which is sure to be unique and get your neighbours talking. This Rowlinson garden set has stylish and comfortable sleeper benches and there is a planter where you can add your favourite flowers to create some colour. The wood has been pressure treated so that it is durable and can withstand the British weather, as well as being guaranteed against rot for 15 years. You could even add a table to create somewhere that is perfect for al fresco dining!

Add a bench

Grow Some Vegetables

Nothing makes your garden look better than fresh vegetables growing! Not only is this an affordable way to bright up your garden, but it is also a fun hobby that you can enjoy in your spare time. Plus, you can eat the vegetables that you grow yourself! What you need to do is find the vegetables you want to grow and then choose a vegetable growing bed. A favourite for transforming your garden on a budget is the Forest Bed Builder Pack. This is made from an attractive natural timber that has been pressured treated for durability and it is guaranteed against rot for 15 years. It has a 21 cm planting depth for all of your vegetables that you have chosen and it is an overall rectangular shape with a log design. This is going to create the perfect feature piece in your outdoor space. Just don’t forget to look after your vegetables!