Which Material should I use for my Patio Paving?

Having an outdoor patio in the garden has become very popular across the UK, as it makes a great place to relax and unwind during the day and creates an area to make the most of the warm sunshine in the summer. From family barbeques to social gatherings with friends, there is nothing quite like having fun outdoors. We spend a lot of time choosing our favourite furniture, creating themes and decorating our patio to be perfect. Yet, what your patio is made from is often overlooked, but equally as important.

While the design is crucial when it comes to creating an enjoyable outdoor space, so is the material that your patio is created with. Choosing a good surface will ensure your patio stays looking modern and new all year round, as well as being able to withstand constant movement and furniture. After all, you want to make the most out of your new living space in the years to come.

Read on to find out more about what paving materials you can use to create your new patio in your back garden in time to enjoy this summer.


Natural Stone Patio

There is nothing quite like the beauty of natural stone. With its unique patterns, textures and colours running through the surface, your patio can have character and individuality, which is sure to make your neighbours envious. What’s more, natural stone is also known for its durability and will maintain its colour much longer than manmade materials, perfect for withstanding the elements of British weather. While it can be more expensive than concrete, it is worth the investment, especially since you have the freedom to create patterns and interesting designs.

Slate's captivating blue and grey hues have surged in popularity for contemporary garden patio designs, enchanting homeowners with its unique visual appeal. Enthusiasts of sandstone also cherish its textured finish, available in a diverse palette of colours to complement any exterior environment. Take, for instance, the Brett Paving Slate Olive Black Paving Slabs – a prime selection from Brett's esteemed natural slate lineup. These slabs boast a refined, subtly textured surface paired with precise, cleanly chiseled borders. The Olive Black variant exudes an enigmatic vibe with its rich, dark grey shades imbued with an oily lustre, promising to infuse your garden space with an air of sophisticated allure. 

Natural limestone can also create a beautiful patio to enjoy during the warmer days with a fine texture and stunning colours available. Paving Superstore Riven Limestone Ideal Range Black Limestone have a sleek grey to black colour, which naturally lightens in the sunlight with an attractive riven surface that is slip resistant.

No matter what natural stone you choose, you can find something to blend in with your back garden theme.


Concrete Patio

Concrete is known for being a more affordable choice of surface for outdoor spaces, especially for larger areas, as well as being low maintenance and highly durable once installed. In addition, concrete is often made to mimic bricks and natural stone without breaking the bank. Bowland Stone Concrete Chalice Honey Brown Paving Slabs, recreate the look and feel of natural stone with a gentle riven surface. The stone is crafted on all surfaces to give the appearance of aged stone. Not only will it make your garden look inviting, but it is also hardwearing enough to last you for many years to come. With a large variety of colours and shapes of concrete patio slabs available, there is something to suit every garden.


Porcelain Patio

While porcelain is manmade, it is still created with natural materials, which allows your patio to enjoy its many attractive colours and textures. Porcelain is resistant to frost and extreme temperature changes, as well as maintaining its natural colours over the years. What’s more, it is also easy to clean. It will provide you with a hardwearing patio surface that is less slippery underfoot than natural stone and concrete, which makes it ideal for children and pets. Talasey Porcelain Vitripiazza Di Pietra Nuvola Paving Slabs are made from exclusive Italian porcelain with beautiful grey shades that are guaranteed to enhance your outdoor space and complement your contemporary designs. Its resistant properties mean it is easy to clean and keep free from moss, mould and salt staining.  

What are you waiting for? There is no better time to install a patio or anywhere else better to enjoy the summer weather. Check out our wide range of patio materials at Paving Superstore to find the perfect surface for you.