Creating Patio Paving Features using Shapes

The great thing about creating a patio for your outdoor space is that you can design it anyway you want and you are not limited to standardised squares or rectangular patterns; from free-form shapes with sweeping curves to circular and octagon features, you have complete freedom to transform your garden to suit your décor and desired theme. Read on to find out how you can update and achieve a beautiful patio in time for the summer with our patio paving inspirations, as well as how you can maintain that stunning look for years to come.


Circular Paving Features

While most people have standard square patios, why not change it up with creating paving circles in your garden? Not only can they be featured inside other shapes but circular paving can also create a spotlight affect in your grass to design an al fresco dining, barbeque and sitting area that becomes the centrepiece of your garden. For a contemporary style feature in your outdoor space, the Bowland Stone Concrete 'Baroque' Cream PAVING OVAL FEATURE KITS is ideal, with a delicate oval shape and natural, light and creamy yellow shades. It enjoys the durability of concrete, yet is an authentic reproduction of limestone, which adds a smooth and beautiful patio shape.


Octagon Paving Features

If you are looking to add a unique paving shape to create a patio everyone will love, why not try an octagon patio paving feature? This will give you enough room for outdoor seating or a table and chairs, as well as enjoying different edges and a new design. To create a modest patio that will blend in with its natural surroundings, we suggest the Bowland Stone Concrete 'Stratford' Parisian. The natural riven sandstone looks stunning with its light creamy buff and occasional tan and pink tones, perfect for any outdoor space. With a thickness of 22mm, it provides a great surface to place tables and chairs for dining al fresco in the warmer months.


Patio Maintenance

Of course, if you have invested in paving for your patio and have taken the time to create patterns and designs, it is important to keep your surface clean and protect it from damage, in order for it to look good all year round. The Pavetuf General Cleaner is perfect for cleaning stone and concrete and removing stains and dirt without affecting the treated surface. The Lithofin Outdoor Cleaner can also be used on natural and artificial stone. As a product based on chlorine compounds and special additives, it is great for targeting and removing algae, mould and stubborn layers of dirt from your patio paving. This enables your outdoor surface to become clean and bright again.


To keep your patio looking good all year round, investing in a water and oil repellent sealer, such as the Pavetuf Satin Sealer, can make all of the difference and make sure your paving does not age prematurely.