Clever Ideas for Garden Storage

It doesn’t seem to matter how hard you try, your garden seems to be the worse place for clutter. Creating a beautiful and organised garden is a dream for many, but it can be challenging to find adequate storage solutions for all the tools, equipment, and outdoor accessories. From lawn mowers and garden tools lying around to muddy wellies and bikes leaning against the wall, clutter can quickly take over your outdoor space. Additionally, the sight of unsightly council wheelie bins can be a major eyesore. However, with a little ingenuity and creativity, you can maximise your garden's storage capacity whilst enhancing its visual appeal. In this article, we will explore a variety of innovative garden storage options and their versatile uses, helping you create a clutter-free oasis so you can enjoy your garden year round. 

Multi-purpose Hideaway

For avid gardeners or those who enjoy hosting summer barbecues, accumulating a significant amount of tools and equipment is inevitable. However, if you don't have space for a conventional garden shed or simply prefer an alternative, the Rowlinson Mini Store is an excellent choice. This compact yet functional storage solution can be conveniently placed near your back door, serving as a charming hideaway for dirty wellies, watering cans, and gardening tools. With its attractive dipped honey-brown finish, adjustable shelves, and double doors, the Rowlinson Mini Store not only offers ample room for your essentials but also adds a touch of rustic elegance to your garden.

Rowlinson Mini Store

Garden Village Gisburn Garden Store

Rowlinson Midi Store

Mercia Shiplap Pent Mower Store

Functional and Decorative Log Store

If you have a traditional fireplace, log burner or firepit and find yourself with logs scattered all over your garden, a log store is an essential investment. Not only does it keep your outdoor space tidy and organised, but it also adds a visually appealing element to your garden. The Forest Timber Log Store is a perfect solution for neatly piling up firewood while protecting it from the elements. This functional and decorative storage option ensures optimal burning potential and enhances the rustic charm of your garden.

Forest Timber Log Store

Adezz Corten Steel Wood Store Seat

Rowlinson Large Log Store

Garden Village Billington Log Store

Say Goodbye to Green Bins

The sight of wheelie bins outside your front window or lined up in your garden can be far from pleasing. Their bright colours and unsightly appearance when full of waste can detract from the beauty of your garden. Thankfully, the Rowlinson Wheelie Bin Store offers an elegant solution. This stunning wooden construction serves as a stylish hideaway for your bins, effectively concealing them from view. With its easy-to-access lid, you can conveniently dispose of rubbish without having to look at it. For those with multiple council bins, the Garden Village Triple Wheelie Bin Store is the ultimate solution, keeping all your bins neatly organised and hidden away.

Garden Village Single Wheelie Bin & Recycle Box

Rowlinson Box Store

Garden Village Double Wheelie Bin Store

Rowlinson Apex Double Wheelie Bin

Cabin Retreat and Summerhouse Haven

The unpredictable British weather often necessitates proper storage for garden furniture. However, instead of settling for a traditional garden shed, why not create an indoor-like space in your garden that can be enjoyed throughout the year? The Rowlinson Garden Retreat offers a tranquil haven where you can relax and unwind. Set up a comfortable chair inside, and on sunny days, open the double doors to bask in the warmth of the sun. This unique storage solution combines functionality with comfort, allowing you to make the most of your garden regardless of the weather.

Alternatively, if you're searching for a storage option that doubles as a summerhouse, the Mercia Contemporary Summerhouse with Side Shed is worth considering. With its compact design and versatile use, this summerhouse is a perfect addition to even the smallest garden spaces. Store your furniture and belongings, or create a private sanctuary where you can retreat and enjoy your garden in peace. Don't let limited space limit your creativity—transform your garden into an inviting and functional oasis.

Rowlinson Garden Retreat

Mercia Contemporary Summerhouse with Side Shed

Mercia Log Cabin Pent with Side Shed

Rowlinson Skylight shed with Lean To Storage

Stylish Solutions for Garden Furniture

Your garden furniture deserves proper care and storage to ensure its longevity and keep your outdoor space looking neat and inviting. Here are some stylish solutions for storing your garden furniture when it's not in use:

Deck Boxes and Storage Benches:

Consider investing in deck boxes or storage benches that offer both storage space and functional seating. These versatile pieces can seamlessly blend with your outdoor decor while providing ample space to store cushions, blankets, and other accessories. Choose options that are weather-resistant and durable to withstand the elements. Storage benches double up as additional seating as well. 

Rowlinson Plastic Cushion Box Graphite

Rowlinson Metal Deck Box Anthracite

Rowlinson Garden Chest

Rowlinson Prestbury Cushion Box Putty

Furniture Covers:

If you do not have the space to store your garden furniture over the winter months, instead consider protecting your garden furniture with high-quality covers as an essential alternative option. Look for covers specifically designed for your furniture type, whether it's a dining set, lounge chairs, or a patio sofa. Opt for covers that are waterproof, UV-resistant, and breathable to prevent moisture buildup and potential damage.

Rowlinson Furniture Cover Round

Rowlinson Furniture Cover Rectangular

Shelving Units or Cabinets:

Utilise shelving units or cabinets if you have a covered outdoor area or a garden shed. These storage solutions are ideal for organising smaller garden accessories, such as gardening tools, pots, and cushions. Incorporate hooks or hanging racks to maximise storage capacity and keep items easily accessible.

Vertical Storage:

When space is limited, make use of vertical storage options. Install wall-mounted hooks or racks to hang lightweight furniture pieces like folding chairs, hammocks, or small tables. This practical solution if shed or garage floor space is limited.

Repurposed Indoor Storage:

Don't overlook the possibility of repurposing indoor storage solutions for your garden furniture. Old dressers or armoires can find new life as garden storage units. Ensure you treat the wood or protect it with a weatherproof sealant if it will be exposed to the elements.

By utilising these creative storage solutions, you can keep your garden furniture safe, organised, and ready to be enjoyed whenever you want to relax or entertain guests in your outdoor oasis. Remember to clean and dry your furniture before storing it to prevent any mould or mildew growth. With proper storage, your garden furniture will continue to bring joy and comfort for seasons to come.

In conclusion, with a little planning and creativity, you can overcome the challenge of garden clutter and transform your outdoor space into a clutter-free oasis. Whether it's the versatile Rowlinson Mini Store for garden tools, the decorative Forest Timber Log Store for firewood, or the stylish Rowlinson Wheelie Bin Store for concealing unsightly bins, there are storage options available to suit every need. Additionally, creating a cabin retreat or summerhouse haven with the Rowlinson Garden Retreat or the Mercia Contemporary Summerhouse with Side Shed provides both storage and a cosy space to enjoy your garden all year round. Finally, don't forget about your garden furniture, and utilise solutions such as deck boxes, furniture covers, shelving units, or outdoor storage chests to keep it protected and organised. With these creative storage ideas, your garden will become a functional, beautiful, and clutter-free oasis that you can truly enjoy.

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