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Contemporary Paving Ideas

As our busy lifestyles dictate our tastes in home decor, trends continue to be dominated by cleaner, less fussy materials in our homes with smooth, uncluttered surfaces and simple, elegant lines. Our gardens become a continuation of our homes and as such, need to follow the same simplicity of design. Materials include exquisite detail, yet subtle, understated colour variations to provide a calming influence to help us unwind and relax in addition to strong, dark, sultry shades to make a bold statement using contrasting planting shades. Examples of paving styles suited to a contemporary theme including smooth and sawn sandstone, porcelain, granite, yorkstone, quartzite, ceramic and new modern polished concrete products with terrazzo styling. Clean and crisp lines and either subtle colour variations suited to simple, elegant design or strong statement colours are key attributes in this range of paving styles. Larger paving flags are often used to create an uncluttered appearance and sawn, straight edges amplify the simplicity and understated design influences. 

New Contemporary Paving Styles

This year, we have seen an explosion of new porcelain paving styles. This material was introduced to the ranges of leading paving suppliers over the last couple of years and its popularity has soared as a result of ease of maintenance, uniformity of appearance and suitability for many project uses. There are now porcelain products in realistic stone texture, wood appearance, smooth contemporary uniblock colours and many more to offer. Some of the products are available in two different thickness options - one for indoor and the other for outdoor use to create a seamless interface between the two. Here is a selection of new porcelain styles to choose from. 

This new Vitripiazza Di Pietra range from Natural Paving is a porcelain paving suited to outdoor use with a matching indoor, thinner paving range. It has a wide selection of colour choices to suit all tastes and has a lightly textured, random surface to replicate natural stone. It also has matching circle kits to complement the range. Porcelain's low porosity means it is highly resistant to dirt, mould and algae and is easy to clean.

Natural Paving Vitripiazza Nuvola
Natural Paving Vitripiazza Tempesta Natural Paving Vitripiazza Nuvola Natural Paving Vitripiazza Terra Natural Paving Vitripiazza Oro Natural Paving Vitripiazza Cenere Natural Paving Vitripiazza Nero  

Vitripiazza Oceano Porcelain This exciting new paving for 2016 comes in dark and mid grey colour choices. The Mar Nero colour is highly sought after in many garden designs, but very difficult to source in a natural material. The Laguna is a mid grey colour with a very subtle, almost smooth texture. Again, this paving has an indoor version to match the outdoor style. 

Natural Paving Vitripiazza Mar Nero Natural Paving Vitripiazza Laguna
Natural Paving Vitripiazza Laguna

The new Vitripiazza Sabbia range has the texture of natural travertine paving. The Sole colour comes in both internal and external options and either a mixed pack of sizes or a 600x600 size option.

Natural Paving Vitripiazza Sole
Natural Paving Vitripiazza Sole

Global Stone has introduced several new products to its Petrous range of porcelain paving including Albero Oak with a wood-like appearance and Moderno White in a bleached wood appearance. Both offer excellent design potential for a contemporary styled home and garden.

Global Stone Petrous Albero Oak
Global Stone Petrous Moderno White

Stonemarket Knotwood forms part of the Vitrified porcelain range of paving and introduce a new design concept for 2016 with its realistic wood textured finish, it adds interest and tactile aesthetics to the garden. Used as a feature statement or as a backdrop to planting, this porcelain material will not warp or rot like wood, but will add the warmth and charm in the way that only wood can. 

Stonemarket Knotwood Cherry
Stonemarket Knotwood Birch

Marshalls Symphony Vitrified range of paving comes is a wide range of colours and textures and also a choice of pack options. 

Marshalls Symphony Vitrified Barley
Marshalls Symphony Vitrified Barley Marshalls Symphony Vitrified Blue Marshalls Symphony Vitrified Dark Marshalls Symphony Vitrified Grey Marshalls Symphony Vitrified Copper Marshalls Symphony Vitrified BasaltMarshalls Symphony Vitrified Blauw Marshalls Symphony Vitrified Rustic Marshalls Symphony Vitrified Buff  

Stonemarket Vitrified Porcelain paving range is increased for 2016 with an additional range of attractive shades and finishes. Gravity Steel has a lightly textured surface and silver-grey colouration, whilst Graviry Dark has a sultry dark tone offering striking, contemporary appeal. The Paleo range has a new Blauw colour this year which has a lightly mottled appearance and a rich blue-grey colour palette. Within the Lucent range, the new Cotswold product has an authentic natural stone appearance and texture offering traditional charm with the hard-wearing, ease of maintenance associated with porcelain paving. 

Stonemarket Vitrified Gravity Steel
Stonemarket Vitrified Paleo Blauw
Stonemarket Vitrified Gravity Dark
Stonemarket Vitrified Lucent Cotswold

Sawn Sandstone This material continues to be a popular choice in contemporary design, especially where a natural stone material is desirable. In many cases, the price of sawn sandstone has reduced recently and a good product can be found at exceptional value. It's important to remember that natural stone will always have markings and irregularities within the colour and texture and will not be as uniform in appearance as porcelain material, but if this is acceptable within the scope of the project, then natural stone offers a classic, long-lasting and durable solution. Most products have different finishes such as smooth and honed for a sleek finish or sandblasted for a slip-resistant surface. Examples of sawn sandstone are shown below.  

Natural Paving Sawn Sandstone Rydal Natural Paving - Rydal

Mixed and single sizes - also available in matching setts

Natural Paving Sawn Sandstone Storm Natural Paving - Storm

Mixed and single size options - new for 2016

Global Stone Sawn Sandstone Mint Global Stone Artisan Mirage - Mint

Smooth, honed finish & various sizes

Stonemarket Sawn Sandstone Avant Garde SilverStonemarket Avant Garde - Silver

Lightly textured for slip resistance

Natural Paving Sawn Sandstone IvoryNatural Paving - Ivory

Various sizes, smooth finish - great value

Global Stone Sawn Sandstone MintGlobal Stone Sawn Sandstone

Linear plank style - suitable for feature areas or edging

Strata Sawn Sandstone RiminiStrata Rimini Sawn Sandstone

Mixed and single sizes. Slight sparkle in sunlight

Pavestone Sawn Sandstone Regal OasisPavestone Regal Oasis

Honed sandstone in mixed and single sizes & linear

Natural Paving Sawn Sandstone MapleNatural Paving Sawn Sandstone - Maple

Sawn & honed sandstone in extra large sizes & linear

Paving Superstore Sawn Sandstone Buff NeutralPaving Superstore Sawn Sandstone

Sandblasted, slip resistant texture

Stonemarket Sawn Sandstone Avant Garde CaramelStonemarket Avant Garde - Caramel

Extra large 1m x 1m paving flags

Pavestone Sawn Sandstone Piazza SummitPavestone Piazza - Summit

Sandblasted sandstone in mixed and single sizes & linear

Marshalls Versuro Sawn Sandstone range has been extended this year to include new jumbo sizes measuring 1200 x 1200mm! This fine grained sawn sandstone in extravagant sizes cannot fail to impress.

Marshalls Versuro Jumbo Golden Sand
Marshalls Versuro Jumbo Caramel Cream Marshalls Versuro Jumbo Golden Sand Marshalls Versuro Jumbo Autumn Bronze Marshalls Versuro Jumbo Antique Silver    

Granite paving  is known for its resilient, hard-wearing surface and relatively uniform colour spectrum. Typically available in silver to dark grey shades, along with newer ranges in warmer red tones, this clean contemporary styled paving looks good in any modern garden and has the added practicality of a texture, slip resistant surface.

Natural Paving Noir Gold Granite Natural Paving - Noir Gold

Mixed and single sizes - new for 2016

Stonemarket Arctic Granite Stonemarket - Arctic Granite

Lightly flecked silver and grey

Paving Superstore - China Black Paving Superstore - China Black

Basalt (similar to granite with fewer crystals)

Strata Granite - Venetian Strata Granite - Venetian

Mixed size packs

Brett - Graphite GreyBrett - Graphite Grey

Linear planks and matching larger slabs

Marshalls Eclipse - GraphiteMarshalls Eclipse - Graphite

Linear planks and matching single / mixed slabs


Marshalls Lazaro Marble paving adds a luxurious feel to your property. Delicate veining and white mottling add to the natural charm and the choice mixed project pack offers a linear laying style for a contemporary finish. 

Marshalls Lazaro Marble Pearl Marshalls Lazaro Marble Shell
Marshalls Lazaro Marble Pearl

Stonemarket's Namera Tala Sand natural stone paving has delicate quartz veining and a warm cream hue for classic elegance. Coupled with Pyramis Gold, offering rich gold tones in a range comprising of a mixed project pack and a bullnosed step tread feature pack, this paving is sure to meet the mark where a stunning, yet subtle paving flag is required.

Stonemarket Namera Tala Sand
Stonemarket Namera Tala Sand

Stonemarket Lorento Paving in Ivory and Perlino shades is a luxurious marble stone with a sleek sawn profile which has been gently tumbled to create a classic look. White mottling and veining adds to the rich aesthetics and emphasises the natural quality of the stone. Perlino offers attractive cream tones while Ivory comes in dappled grey hues. 

Stonemarket Lorento Perlino
Stonemarket Lorento Ivory

Marshalls Scoutmoor Natural Yorkstone comes in two exquisite finishes. This British traditional material with its iconic status has a smooth, sawn option for contemporary styles and also a lightly flamed surface for more of a classic, reclaimed appearance. 

Marshalls Scoutmoor Rustic Marshalls Scoutmoor Smooth
Marshalls Scoutmoor Smooth