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Driveway Paving

Thinking about giving your driveway a facelift? At Paving Superstore, we have a huge range of driveway paving solutions available to help you create an enviable driveway. Discover our selection of block paving, cobble setts and large driveway slabs, guaranteed to help you achieve the driveway of your dreams.

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Looking to pave your driveway? Paving Superstore is a leading supplier of high quality driveway paving. We have tonnes of paving solutions ready and waiting to help you create the driveway of your dreams.

From block paving to cobbles and large paving slabs, we have a whole host of options to suit you. Each technique has its own range of benefits, but all three share the same top quality that Paving Superstore is famed for.

Let’s start with block paving. Block paving has been a favoured driveway technique for decades thanks to its resilient and tough nature. This simple and subtle method is visually pleasing as well as practical, showing no signs of damage even after years of having cars parked on it daily. Block paving is effortlessly strong, allowing you to park numerous cars on it with no signs of wear. We have loads of block paving for sale at Paving Superstore, in a wide range of neutral shades to suit every household.

From sultry shades of charcoal to light beige and ever popular terracotta, we stock loads of variations of block paving. No matter which colour you opt for, we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed by the amazing quality of Paving Superstore products. So if you’re seeking block paving for sale, you know where to go.

Cobbles have always been a popular choice of driveway paving, thanks to their durability and traditional look. Cobble setts look great used on period properties as well as modern homes, the flexibility of these simple products makes them blend in with any landscape with ease. Cobbles are also strong and durable, meaning minimal upkeep in the time they’re laid. If you’re looking to buy cobble setts, we have a range of high quality setts available in a range of neutral shades to suit. From warm greys to light beige and sandstone, you’ll find a cobble sett for sale to suit your home at Paving Superstore.

If you’re looking for a contemporary look for your driveway, large driveway slabs are the perfect choice. Ideal for driveways and patios alike, these large slabs require minimum effort to lay, and require little maintenance after they’ve been set. Large driveway slabs are available in a range of colours and styles at Paving Superstore, including beige sandstone, charcoal grey and a whole range of neutral brown hues to perfectly blend in with any garden landscape. Large paving slabs are a great choice for any low maintenance garden, as these high quality products will add a touch of class wherever they are laid. Buy large driveway slabs from Paving Superstore now!

We also stock features in block paving if you’re looking to add a little extra detailing to your driveway - at Paving Superstore we currently stock driveway circles which look great on those who have large driveways. Feature kits make a great variation to standard block paving, while providing the same qualities such as being hardwearing and durable.

No matter how you want to pave your driveway, you’ll find high quality driveway supplies at Paving Superstore!

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