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Driveway Paving Ideas

Driveway Paving

A paved driveway can really enhance the look and value of your home as well as creating a stylish parking area which is easy to maintain. With a variety of colours it is possible to find stone paving to complement the period and styling of your home. You can create a multicoloured or monotone finish with the paving stones laid in a standard or decorative form.

Natural Stone Block Paving

Natural Paving Clay Driveway Pavers

Sepia colour in 70mm thickness

Natural Paving Flamed/ Tumbled Sandstone

Burnt Magenta colour in 50mm thickness

Natural Paving Sawn Smooth Limestone

Midnight colour in 50mm thickness

Pavestone Quartzite Block Paving

New England block paving in 50mm thickness

Stonemarket Riven Sandstone Block Paving

Fieldland colour in 50mm thickness

Natural Paving Sawn/ Tumbled block Paving

York Mix colour in 50mm thickness

Natural Stone Block Paving

Cemex Ready Flow 80 Permeable Pavers

Burnt Ember colour in 80mm thickness

Stonemarket Linear Contemporary Pavers

Vecta shown in silver and charcoal in 80mm thickness

Stonemarket Contemporary Design Pavers

Rhombix in carbon, grey and silver in 60mm thickness

Marshalls Circular Block Paving Feature

Drivesett Argent in silver and grey in 50mm thickness

Marshalls Driveline Vintage Block Paving

Burnt Ochre colour in 50mm thickness

Brett Circular Feature Block Paving

Classico Autumn Mix colour in 50mm thickness

Large Driveway Paving Slabs

Brett Quorndon Traffic

Buff colour 50mm thickness

Brett Quorndon Traffic

Natural colour 50mm thickness

Grass Paving Grids

Whether you are looking to creating a whole new driveway or simply wish to convert the front lawn area so that you have an additional parking area for occasional use, but would like it to look good the remainder of the time, grass paving grid systems are an excellent choice. They offer a reinforced grass area or overspill car park/driveway, which ensures permeability by allowing rainwater to soak back into the land below.

As the Government has outlined that ”planning permission is now required to lay traditional impermeable driveways that allow uncontrolled runoff of rainwater from front gardens onto roads, because this can contribute to flooding and pollution of watercourses”, these paving grids offer a wonderful alternative to traditional block paving driveways.

  • Grassguard from Marshalls offers the benefits of a driveway while retaining the garden look.
  • Also the Bioverse is another permeable grass grid for domestic hardstanding areas providing a sustainable alternative to traditional block paving, maintaining the environmental benefits of a natural grassed area.
  • Grasspark from Pavestone offers the same system with a slightly different design. This product is a permeable paving grid which allows the grass to grow through whilst providing hard standing suitable for parking cars and vans, yet at the same time keeping the area essentially grassland.
Marshalls Grass Guard System

Parking grids in 100mm thickness

Beechwood colour grids 100mm thickness

Beechwood colour grids 100mm thickness

Pavestone Parking Grid System

Grass Park 100mm thickness

Marshalls Bioverse Parking Grid

Limestone colour grids 100mm thickness