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Kerbs & Edging

We all want a beautiful garden that we can spend time in with family and friends when the weather is nice. But, how can you add the finishing touches to your outdoor space and make it look stylish and a place that you are proud of? Well, we recommend choosing kerbs and edging. Not only will this look good in your garden, but it will also serve a practical function.

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Kerbs & Edging

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So, why do you need a kerb or edging in your outdoor space? First of all, it is going to emphasis the lines between your garden beds and grass, adding an attractive material such as natural stone or concrete, that makes everything look clean and crisp. In addition, it will stop your grass overflowing into other parts of your garden, as well as keeping soil where it should be without making a mess. In this way, it requires you to do less maintenance. Plus, you can use kerbs and edges to define pathways and guide guests through your outdoor space, as well as keep them out of the plants so that the can grow. At the Paving Superstore, we have a range of kerbs and edging you can choose from for your garden. We have a bunch of different brands, as well as materials to select. From granite to concrete, there is something for everyone! So, check out our collection of kerbs and edging today to enhance your outdoor space.

If you like the style of limestone then you will love the Natural Paving Limestone Midnight Round Top Edging. This is made from a quality limestone that is all the way from China and it has an attractive round top edge for the finishing touch. This midnight grey colour will match contemporary and traditional style homes and will look great on your driveway or garden. It is perfect for marking pathways in your outdoor space so that everyone knows where they are going, as well as defining your flower beds so that children or pets do not go in them and ruin the plants. For contemporary style homes, check out the Paving Superstore Pro Granite Black Basalt Granite Kerbs and Edging. This is made from stunning granite from China and it has a dark black colour that is stylish and modern. It is sawn on all sides and it has a textured top and front face. This is going to create the tidy and finished look you were looking for and it is perfect for using around your lawn, patio and even your driveway. You won’t find a more attractive material that can also prevent the wrong plant grown and mulch migration.

For traditional style homes, have a look at the Brett Paving Manmade Rochester Brick Soldier Brick Edging. This is just what you need for your outdoor space and it will really make your garden stand out from the crowd; in fact, your neighbours will be envious of your stylish outdoor space! It is durable and long lasting, as well as having an irregular texture and uneven block surface for style. In addition, the burnt red colouring makes it look like a Victorian courtyard and creates that established look. To add some warmth and style to your garden, we recommend the Brett Paving Terracotta Rope Top Edging. This is made from a durable concrete that is hardwearing and perfect for facing all weather conditions in the UK. It boasts a rope design that will add the finishing touches to your borders and it is sure to catch everyone’s eye. The terracotta design is a rich burnt orange colour, which makes the garden feel welcoming and warm. So, whether you use this beautiful edging around your flower beds or your patio perimeter, it is going to look great and stop materials mixing, as well as define areas of your outdoor space.

To enjoy slate in your garden, you have got to choose the Stonemarket Paving Slate Border Edging. This is made from a durable and attractive slate from China that will make your outdoor space look fantastic. It boasts a blue slate colour and will match slate that is for your patio, as well as pathways. You can use it around your flower beds or even around your patio to make your garden look stylish and clean. You will have your outdoor space ready to host gatherings with family and friends before you know it! At the Paving Superstore, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality kerbs and edging for their outdoor space. We supply a range of designs and materials to suit every outdoor space. There is truly something for everyone at the Paving Superstore, so have a browse of our collection today and you can create new kerbs and edging in your garden tomorrow!