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Traditional & Cottage Garden Paving Ideas

Traditional Paving

Whether you are looking to create an English cottage garden or a traditional garden setting, we hope that the ideas below will give you some inspiration for the type of paving you wish for your garden.

Antique Style Paving

Antique style paving is formed from a natural stone material that has been 'tumbled' to give an attractive, aged appearance to the stone. This process rounds the edges of the stone and softens the ridges to create a time-worn appearance, especially suited to older style properties where a modern material would look out of place. To look at our entire range of antique style paving click here, or click on your favourite picture to find out more.

Natural Paving Barley

Warm blend of complementary shades

Natural Paving Old York

Predominantly grey and buff tones, similar appearance to Yorkstone

Stonemarket Compass Points Feature

Matches Stonemarket's Antique Range. Intricate brass detailing

Pavestone - Oxford Pavestone Antique Sandstone - Oxford Colour

Mixed sizes - also available in matching setts

Natural Paving 'Cragstone' - Antique Sandstone

Meadow colour has matching setts, walling and circle feature

Strata Sorrento Atella Limestone

Subtle blue-grey tones

Cobble & Courtyard Paving

Cobble setts look great in a courtyard garden or make an interesting effect when interspersed within a large area of paving flags. Cobble setts are often made from natural sandstone, slate and limestone and more recently, clay has become a popular material as a result of its rich, earthy tones. Cobble sett paving creates a heavily textured look which suits the busy and colourful design concepts associated with a traditional cottage garden. To look at our entire range of cobble setts click here, or click on your favourite picture to find out more.

 Global Stone Clay Pavers

Tudor Blend Colour. Several colour options available. Clay offers a soft mix of colours

 Global Stone 'Old Rectory' York Green Setts

Tumbled sandstone setts available with matching paving flags, circle feature and walling

Natural Paving Clay Setts - Aureum Colour

Available in four colour choices. Clay weathers to give a rustic appearance

Tuscan setts Strata Antique Limestone Setts

Tuscan colour setts in tumbled limestone

Calico Setts Natural Paving Natural Sandstone Setts

Tumbled, antique finish. Calico ( Golden Fossil) colour with paving flags, circle feature and walling to match

Manufactured Paving

Many manufactured concrete paving products are created to replicate the traditional features found in old flagstones. The following examples show the quality of this feature paving, however to see the full range of manmade paving click here.

Pavestone Tanners Mill - Grey Green

Available in mixed size packs

Brett Rochester Brick Paving

450x450 slabs appear as individual bricks once pointed

Stonemarket Millstone Next Honey Gold

Also available in circle feature and bullnose step treads. Various colour options

Stonemarket Millstone Next Original

Several matching features including Aztec sun and Koi circles, step treads and circle kit

Marshalls Heritage - Old Yorkstone

Available in several colours, also with matching paving circle kits

Brett Canterbury - Weathered Apricot

Available in single size paving slabs and small mixed size packs

Limestone Paving

Natural limestone paving has a gently riven and textured surface and comes in three predominant shades of dark grey to black, mid blue grey and creamy buttermilk tones. Its surface is flatter than sandstone so is often favoured when a less ridges finish is required. Limestone paving offers good value and comes in both a standard natural finish or an antique, tumbled finish to suit.

To look at our entire range of limestone click here, or click on your favourite picture to find out more.

Natural Paving - Buff Limestone


Brett Paving - Mystic Sky Colour


Pavestone Paving - Black Kadapha

Available in mixed sizes and single size options

Strata Kotah Blue Limestone


Pavestone Paving - Abbey

Available in mixed size packs

Natural Paving Tuscan

Tuscan is  gentle tumbled limestone

Natural limestone with its dusty buff yellow, grey tones is an ideal paving material to create a tuscan feel within your garden. The mellow buttermilk, soft dove grey and occasional ochre colourings are reminiscent of old French farmhouses, introducing a rustic charm to your garden. Limestone is available in both traditional and antique, tumbled finishes.

Natural Riven Sandstone Paving

Natural riven sandstone is available in a wealth of colour variations to suit all styles of garden and the good news is that the price of natural sandstone is often better value than its concrete counterpart. Natural sandstone colours vary from light silver grey and buff through to rich terracotta, lilac and dark mocha brown and grey shades offering a colour palette to suit any garden. As it weathers, it often appears similar to traditional yorkstone paving, but with a much more reasonable price tag. To look at our entire range of natural sandstone paving click here, or click on your favourite picture to find out more.

Natural Paving Riven Sandstone - Lakeland

Subtle colour blend, available in variety of sizes, thicknesses, feature kits, walling and setts

Marshalls Riven Sandstone - Autumn Bronze

Available in mixed sizes, single sizes and circle feature kits

Natural Paving Riven Sandstone - Golden Fossil

Available in mixed sizes, single sizes, different thickness options and circles, walling and setts

Natural Paving Riven Sandstone - Harvest

Warm brown blend, available in a variety of paving slab sizes and circle kits

Strata Whitchurch Charcoal Paving

Available in mixed sizes, circle features and cobble setts

Strata Kendal Range

Light grey natural sandstone offers subtle grey blends and occasional bands of buff

Slate Paving

Slate paving works well with both traditional and modern designs. It has a mildy riven surface and its classic colours and satin finish offer elegant style to your project. To look at our entire range of slate paving click here, or click on your favourite picture to find out more.

Natural Paving Black Slate

Available in a mix of three sizes

Natural Paving Copper Slate

Available in mixed size packs

Strata Rustic Slate


Brett Woodland Grey Slate


Stonemarket Nordus Gris Slate

Available in other sizes including extra large 800x800 size flags and bullnose steps

Pro Range Rustic Slate

Available in single sizes and circle

Wood Style Paving

Wood style paving offers the beauty and texture of wood without the slippery finish and constant need for treatment. It comes in both a manufactured, concrete stone and a natural stone material. To look at our entire range of wood style paving click here, or click on your favourite picture to find out more.

Marshalls Woodstone Paving - Dark Brown Colour

May also be used vertically with matching walling posts

Marshalls Woodstone Paving - Light Oak Colour

Replicates the appearance of parquet flooring

Stonemarket Cordara Paving - Iberian Oak

Long linear plank paving

Stonemarket Timberstone - Driftwood

450x450 slabs create a decked appearance

Stonemarket Knotwood Birch

Available also in Cherry colour

Stonemarket Timbertone Coppice Brown Colour

Various lengths available in addition to setts and log stepping stones