Global Stone Paving Riven Sandstone Castle Grey & Pure Grey PAVING SLABS

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    • Mixed - 570 series
      Depth: Variable, 15-22mm
      Coverage: 23.43 m2Contents
      855 x 570 - 20 pieces
      570 x 570 - 22 pieces
      570 x 285 - 28 pieces
      285 x 285 - 25 pieces

      Only 16 Pack(s) LeftClearance
    • was £32.18£28.21per m2
    • was £754.00£661.00per pack
    • Mixed - 600 series
      Depth: Calibrated,18mm
      Coverage: 23.10 m2Contents
      900 x 600 - 19 pieces
      600 x 600 - 20 pieces
      600 x 300 - 21 pieces
      300 x 300 - 20 pieces

      Out of stock
    • £34.59per m2
    • £799.00per pack
    • 600 x 290
      Depth: Calibrated,18mm
      Coverage: 16.70 m2Contents
      600 x 290 - 96 pieces

      Out of stock
    • £35.69per m2
    • £596.00per pack
    • 290 x 290
      Depth: Calibrated,18mm
      Coverage: 16.50 m2Contents
      290 x 290 - 192 pieces

      Out of stock
    • £35.76per m2
    • £590.00per pack
    • Mixed - 600 series
      Depth: Calibrated,18mm
      Coverage: 19.52 m2Contents
      610 x 610 - 15 pieces
      910 x 610 - 16 pieces
      610 x 300 - 18 pieces
      300 x 300 - 16 pieces

      In Stock
    • £35.96per m2
    • £702.00per pack
    • 600 x 600
      Depth: Calibrated,18mm
      Coverage: 18.00 m2Contents
      600 x 600 - 50 pieces

      Out of stock
    • £36.50per m2
    • £657.00per pack
    • Mixed - 600 series
      Depth: Calibrated, 22mm
      Coverage: 19.52 m2Contents
      300 x 300 - 16 pieces
      600 x 300 - 18 pieces
      600 x 600 - 15 pieces
      900 x 600 - 16 pieces

      In Stock
    • £37.04per m2
    • £723.00per pack
    • 600 x 300
      Depth: Calibrated, 22mm
      Coverage: 15.30 m2Contents
      600 x 300 - 85 pieces

      Out of stock
    • £37.91per m2
    • £580.00per pack
    • 570 x 285
      Depth: Calibrated, 22mm
      Coverage: 14.62 m2Contents
      570 x 285 - 90 pieces

      Out of stock
    • £38.30per m2
    • £560.00per pack
    • 900 x 600
      Depth: Calibrated,18mm
      Coverage: 15.12 m2Contents
      900 x 600 - 28 pieces

      In Stock
    • £38.82per m2
    • £587.00per pack
    • 570 x 570
      Depth: Calibrated, 22mm
      Coverage: 17.54 m2Contents
      570 x 570 - 54 pieces

      Out of stock
    • £38.83per m2
    • £681.00per pack
    • 600 x 600
      Depth: Calibrated, 22mm
      Coverage: 14.40 m2Contents
      600 x 600 - 40 pieces

      In Stock
    • £40.42per m2
    • £582.00per pack
    • Mixed - 570 series
      Depth: Calibrated, 22mm
      Coverage: 16.89 m2Contents
      285 x 285 - 16 pieces
      570 x 285 - 17 pieces
      570 x 570 - 17 pieces
      855 x 570 - 15 pieces

      In Stock
    • £40.67per m2
    • £687.00per pack
    • 855 x 570
      Depth: Calibrated, 22mm
      Coverage: 17.54 m2Contents
      855 x 570 - 36 pieces

      Only 18 Pack(s) Left
    • £41.33per m2
    • £725.00per pack
    • Mixed - 600 series
      Depth: Calibrated, 22mm
      Coverage: 15.30 m2Contents
      300 x 300 - 9 pieces
      600 x 300 - 13 pieces
      600 x 600 - 13 pieces
      900 x 600 - 13 pieces

      In Stock
    • £41.50per m2
    • £635.00per pack
    • 900 x 600
      Depth: Calibrated, 22mm
      Coverage: 15.12 m2Contents
      900 x 600 - 28 pieces

      In Stock
    • £42.53per m2
    • £643.00per pack
    • 285 x 285
      Depth: Calibrated, 22mm
      Coverage: 8.12 m2Contents
      285 x 285 - 100 pieces

      Out of stock
    • £45.44per m2
    • £369.00per pack
    • 300 x 300
      Depth: Calibrated, 22mm
      Coverage: 7.65 m2Contents
      300 x 300 - 85 pieces

      Out of stock
    • £46.41per m2
    • £355.00per pack
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Global Stone's natural riven sandstone has handcut edges and a naturally uneven surface. Castle grey comes in light to mid grey shades of sandstone with occasional buff

Note, this paving is shown with an insert of Modak Rose to add a contrasting shade

Colour Variation
Moderately Varied

This paving has a moderate amount of colour and shading variation present within the range

Water Absorbency
Low Absorption

During tests, this paving absorbs less than 1.2% water when fully saturated. The lower the water absorption, the lower the risk of algae growth and staining. By comparison, concrete paving has an average water absorption of 6%

Flexural Strength

During testing, this paving showed flexural strength of 22.3 Mpa. The flexural strength value shows how much bending stress a paving unit can be put under before it breaks and the higher the number, the stronger the paving. By comparison, concrete paving has an average flexural strangth of 5 Mpa

Frost Resistance

During a repeated test cycle of freezing to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, followed by thawing, this paving only lost 0.2 Mpa of flexural strength. This result demonstrates excellent paving resilience

Slip Resistance
Low Risk

This paving has a slip resistance PTV rating of 56 when wet. A pendulum is used to swing across the stone to determine friction. The rougher the surface, the more the pendulum slows and the higher the value

There are many types of natural stone available, so it is important to choose the right natural stone for you.

All products from Global Stone are CE marked to ensure they meet with strict EU regulations that were introduced in 2013. European standards EN1341 (flagstones), EN1342 (pavers) and EN1343 (kerbs) specify the requirements and test methods for each of these. The CE testing covers areas including water absorbency, flexural strength and freeze/thaw resistance.

All natural stone products have been tested to show the various properties of each stone and how it is likely to react under different circumstances.

  • Origin

  • Brand

    Global Stone
  • Approved

    Ethical Trading Initiative / CE - British Standards
  • Material

    Natural Stone

Brand Information

Global Stone is an industry-leading supplier of premium natural stone paving. The company takes pride in selecting all of their natural paving by hand to ensure that it is always of the highest quality. Selected by experts, their stone is used by architects, landscapers, gardeners, designers and homeowners across the country. Global Stone believes in providing their customers with a beautiful variety of stone products that look good today, tomorrow and for years to come. Their product range has grown from a simple collection of paving options to cobble sets, circles, features, fountains and benches in a spectrum of stone types and styles.

Material Information

Natural Stone Characteristics:

All natural stone products are unique and will vary in colour and texture, often showing distinctive markings, minor imperfections and may include mineral deposits such as iron and quartzite. Sizes are nominal and may vary. Some paving manufacturers include the pointing allowance in the individual slab sizes whereas others include the pointing allowance in the overall pack coverage. The product images shown are as accurate as photographic processes allow and may appear differently in accordance with lighting conditions and screen calibration in addition to the natural variation occurring between batches. Images may not be a true representation of a particular product size, use or laying pattern. Descriptions provided offer a combination of the manufacturer's and our own opinion of the product's characteristics and features.

Sandstone Description:

Sandstone is a type of sedimentary rock formed of gritty sand grains and is available in a variety of colours. Sandstone paving is available in a range of different textures, often relying on secondary processing to achieve these finishes.

- Variable Thickness Riven Sandstone This type of sandstone has a natural cleft, uneven surface texture with occasional ridges and the edges of the slabs are usually tapered with the larger face of the slab to be laid uppermost. Variable thickness stone, i.e. those marked with a depth range such as 15-22mm +/- (refer to the Unit Depth description) have a wider variation in thickness than a calibrated thickness stone. When laid on a full mortar bed, this enables any variation in thickness to be adjusted within the bed.

- Calibrated Riven Sandstone Many riven sandstone products are offered at a 'calibrated' thickness which means the paving has been cut to a less variable, relatively even depth, usually around 22mm +/-, to make it easier to lay. The +/- indictaes a minor tolerance on the dimensions in accordance with British Standards. This paving should still be laid on a full mortar bed.

Sandstone Colours:

Sandstone is available in a wide range of colours, some subtle and some vivid. The ranges comprise of a selection of core colours combined with subtle contrasting shades, and the balance of shades can vary between batches of even the same stone due to different seams in the stone quarry occurring over time. The blend of colours may include grey, pink, khaki, maroon, buff and many more shades which when combined, create the mix of colours associated with the colour name of the paving. The colour intensity increases when the paving is wet. Most brands offer the same range of colours with slightly different names. If colour variation is not a desirable feature, then it is recommeneded that natural stone and especially sandstone should not be considered as a paving choice. BE AWARE that not ALL sandstone is the same quality - some unknown brands may not have been tested for suitability in the UK climate and may crack during cold weather.

Please select a product option from the table above to see full specification.

This layout is for example purposes only. Mixed sized patio packs are not sold as a kit. Please ensure that you allow a minimum of 10% extra above your measurements as margin.

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Approved: Each leading brand of paving that we offer is CE marked and can guarantee that their natural stone paving conforms or exceeds British Standards, BS EN 1341-2012. Find out more...
CE Marking and Declaration of Performance

We offer around 4000 different types of paving to suit all budgets.

All our paving products are CE marked and hold a valid Declaration of Performance certificate, which means they have been tested to European standard BS EN 1341-2012. This protects you in guaranteeing that your product has been tested to official standards for water absorption, slip resistance and frost tolerance etc and provides you with the reassurance that you are getting then best possible durable product.

Sadly, over 50% of paving sold in the UK does not meet these standards, however you can be confident that all our paving products do.

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