Creating Modern Edging

It’s that time of year again, the clean up for the summer has begun and first stop is the back garden! Unfortunately, winters in the UK prevent us enjoying our outdoor space and it’s easy to fall behind when it comes to maintenance. Springtime is the perfect time to begin your latest landscaping or renovating project in time for the warmer weather and lighter nights. After all, gardens are for sitting in, relaxing and having fun with family and friends.

But how can you make your garden look beautiful? It’s easy to begin by thinking about colourful flowers and mowing the lawn. Yet, there are other ways you can brighten up your outdoor space and modernise your surroundings.

Edging is a great way to add style, colour and decoration to your garden. It is commonly used to separate and define borders, whether that’s between your flowers and stones or grass and concrete. Edging can also be used to highlight particular areas in your garden, such as sitting areas to dine ‘al fresco’ or to build a unique flower garden for stunning scenery.

So, you like the sound of using edging in your garden, but don’t know where to start? Read on to find out some ideas that will inspire you to create modern edging in your outdoor space, as well as other creative ideas to make your garden look amazing in time for summer.


Featured Edging

Modern Edging

First of all, consider the areas you have in your garden and where you would like your edging to go. If you have grass and flowerbeds, edging will create a decorative and functional barrier between these two areas and will even make mowing your lawn a lot easier. For a clean and neat look, Paving Superstore Pro Range Silver Grey Edging is perfect. The slender shape and beautiful granite finish creates a modern and classy edging. The Paving Superstore Pro Range Granite Yellow Edging can also be used to create warmth in your garden.

For a symmetrical brick design that is perfect for creating sitting areas and sectioning off grass is the Marshalls Paving-Manmade Tegula Drivesett Path Edging. With their shape, it is easy to line them up, create squares or create wide edging and tall edging for raised flowerbeds. With the pink, grey and buff shades, this beautiful material will do wonders for your outdoor space.

For a darker and better-defined edging, the Paving Superstore Pro Range Granite Black Basalt Edging is a popular choice. Creating a contrast between light and dark is the best way to create an eye-catching feature in your garden. As it is a dark black, this also means that water stains and other damage will not show and make maintenance in your outdoor space a lot more simple.

For a unique piece, why not try merging your edging with garden lights? You can use freestanding ground fitting lights, such as the Double Light Garden Bollard Tall, in the middle of edging to create a design during the day and cool glow by night. As these lights are stainless steel and produce a white light when it gets dark, they will go perfectly with cream brick and stones.


Creative Garden Ideas

If you are looking for other creative features you can add to your garden to give it a bit of character, why not check out modern sculptures? These can create amazing focal points in your outdoor space that add a personal touch, colour and design you can enjoy. For example, the White Terrazzo Sculpture is an outstanding piece of art that has a presence in any garden. With its white and polished surface it adds sophistication and it is definitely a talking point when friends and family come over to visit. The Marshalls Paving Manmade Argent Aqua Sphere is also another unique feature you can use to liven up your outdoor space. It is made to look as sleek as grey granite and watch as the water elegantly slides down the sphere shape from the centre. As well as placing a water sphere in the centre of your lawn, you could even have several water spheres spread out around your garden to create a shape or pattern.


Remember, landscaping and renovating your back garden should be a fun project to create an outdoor space that you will enjoy. There are no rules on what ways are best to decorate your garden, but these creative ideas can act as a starting point for deciding how you want your outdoor space to look. With summer coming up fast, now is the perfect time to begin. So visit Paving Superstore today to start the ball rolling!  


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