Which Paving Suits My Garden?

Thinking of embarking on a new patio project? Paving can be a real game changer for your garden, creating an aesthetically pleasing and practical area to enjoy for you and your family. But with so many options available, which one should you choose, and most importantly, what will work best for your requirements?

The size of your patio area should be in proportion to your garden – larger slabs will look better in larger areas, and smaller slabs will look better in smaller areas such as driveways or courtyards. You should also consider the functionality of your paving area; will it get heavily used with people walking on it a lot, or is it more for decorative purposes? You’ll need to choose a more hardwearing option if it will see a lot of use.

Here’s some advice to guide you through your options and help you to make that important decision…

Porcelain Paving:

Porcelain paving is manmade, very hardwearing and dirt absorbing; the perfect low-maintenance paving solution! Porcelain comes in a wide range of colours and styles, which replicate a natural finish and doesn’t fade over time.

Recommended products:

silvercloudPro Range Porcelain Sky Collection Thunder Cloudbarley_20__1

Pro Range Sky Collection Silver Cloud
Pro Range Sky Collection Thunder Cloud
Global Stone Porcelain Barley


Natural Stone Paving:

Natural stone paving provides a traditional, authentic look and feel, coming in all different shades and textures – no individual slab is the same. These slabs are made from natural materials such as sandstone, limestone and granite  . The colours also vary in different lighting and weather conditions.

Recommended products:


Riven Sandstone Kandla Promenade
Strata Limestone Whitchurch Range Black
Global Stone Sandstone Gardenstone Roman Blend


Concrete Paving:

A great value option, concrete comes in lots of variations and looks good in any style of garden. You can pave your garden with concrete to create a modern, clean minimalist look, or even a more rustic, traditional-looking patio.

Recommended products:


Brett Stamford Ultra Natural
Brett Stamford Riven Buff
Brett Stamford Riven Charcoal

Cobbles/Block Paving:

Smaller, natural cobbles or block paving looks great in smaller areas. Pave your driveway, a pathway or a courtyard with cobbles or block paving for a hardwearing and attractive solution.

Recommended products:


Global Stone Sandstone Mixd Colour
Natural Paving European Cobbles Promenade
Cemex ReadyDrive & ReadyRoad Wheatmeal


Whatever your project, Paving Superstore has the solution for you. We not only stock big named brands for the above materials, but pretty much any paving option you could possibly think of! We also have some how-to videos to help you with your DIY projects.

Get in touch with us today, our friendly team are happy to provide you with quotes, help and advice. Email us at info@pavingsuperstore.co.uk or call us on 0800 002 9910.

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