Top Unique & Unusual Patio Paving Styles

Are you looking to make your garden less mainstream by introducing stylish additions that are, shall we say, a little more 'outside the box'?

Does it say more about your personality to have highly creativity products in your garden instead of a tried and tested solution?

Then look no further. We have a broad range of interesting and unusual products that add a stylish twist to your garden design and allow you to create something truly bespoke and unique to your own tastes and desires. Read on to find out more:

Groovy Granite Setts

Picture your pathway all decked out with sparkly granite setts – pretty cool, right? Not only do they look awesome, but they're also great for lining things up or paving a driveway. Just think of the bragging rights you'll have with a fancy yet practical space like that. It's totally doable!

Granite isn't just a rock—it's a symphony of remarkable textures that have patiently crafted deep within the Earth. Imagine a masterpiece weaving together feldspar, quartz, and mica in a dance of stunning patterns that catch the sunlight and sprinkle joy wherever they're placed. As enduring as it is striking, granite brings a message of enduring strength, uplifting any environment with its robust charm. By selecting granite for our projects, we embrace a legacy of beauty that won't just endure—it will thrive and ignite wonder. 

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Marshalls Paving Porcelain 'Symphony Matte Vitrified' Vintage Paving Slabs

Marshalls Paving Porcelain 'Symphony Matte Vitrified' Ornate Paving Slabs

Must Have Mosaics

What better way to break up a large patio area than to create separate 'rooms' within the patio. A large expanse of the same paving material can feel cold and uninviting whereas a smaller section within the patio can create intimacy.

This can be enhanced by giving this area a purpose. For example, using a section of mosaic paving has a similar appearance to a rug indoors, so is ideal for making a central focus to a seating area or how about a dining set for alfresco entertainment.

The other added benefit is the colour and texture adds accent to your design and the colours within the mosaic may be continued elsewhere within your garden to continue the theme. For example, consider the use of large planters or even a planting theme that includes the same colours as this makes the garden feel joined up and complete. 

The intricate patterns found in mosaics can also be attributed to other design styles such as a Moroccan or Mediterranean style garden.

Consider using patterned mosaic style paving on certical surfaces as well as this then continues the style onto other surfaces which gives a new dimension to the garden. 

Combine with tall outdoor lanterns or candles for a perfectly cosy style to enjoy your evenings outside. 


- - - Marshalls Symphony Matte Range - - -

Marshalls Paving Porcelain 'Symphony Matte Vitrified' Deco Paving Slabs

Marshalls Paving Porcelain 'Symphony Matte Vitrified' Botanic Paving Slabs


Walk a Straight Line

No it's not your eyes! These paving slabs are designed to be laid in either a chevron or curved style, which makes for an interesting patio design. Bowland Stone has produced these intriguing paving stones from concrete as part of their Prestbury Collection and their flat lightly textured surface means these slabs are great when a more modern finish is desirable. Make your garden a real talking point by using this paving style as a theme within your garden and repeat the pattern within other aspects of your garden. For example, with the curved finish with its sylish wave design, this could be incorporated into a nautically styled garden. The chevron pattern on the other hand, lends itself to a garden design with geometric shapes and triangular features. If you're feeling artistic, why not decorate plant pots with the same pattern to add rhythm and repetition to the garden. 


Bowland Stone Concrete 'Stratford' Sun Paving Circle Feature Kits

Bowland Stone Concrete 'Lakeland' Welsh Slate/Portland Grey Star Paving Octagon Feature Kits

The Circle of Life

What better centre point than a symmetrical circular, square or oval feature. Add a feature at the centre of your patio to attract your eye and break up a large expanse of paving. Alternatively, make a standalone area away from the main patio as a special seating area with a bench or arbour seat to make a feature of an attractive corner. 

If you have a broad pathway leading up to your home, then 'make an entrance' by adding a paving circle feature to welcome guests. The compass points feature by Stonemarket shown to right is a real talking point especially when aligned to the accurate directions. The combination of natural sandstone and limestone with a real brass inlay at the North marker makes this exquisite design a classy addition to your home. Being natural materials, it will last well too. 


The Bowland Stone garden features shown to the left are carefully crafted from concrete to create intricate and interesting designs suitable for a range of settings. 

Stonemarket Paving Antique Sandstone 'Vintage' Manor Compass Paving Circle Feature Kits

- - - Bowland Stone Garden Features - - - 

Bowland Stone Concrete 'Baroque' Cream Paving Oval Feature Kits

Bowland Stone Concrete 'Lakeland' Cumbrian Slate/Gold Sun Paving Circle Feature Kits

Why Not Wood?

For a refreshing approach and a finish that creates a warmer, more intimate feel, then why not opt for wood style paving created to resemble wooden decking or old sleepers. Traditional decking rots over time and becomes slippery during the cold months or when wet as it attracts algae. Even the pollen from trees can make the wood become a slip hazard. By using paving with an authentic wood appearance, you have the benefits of the hard-wearing and slip resistant qualities of porcelain paving or concrete, but all the visual appearance of wood. Choose from slick, contemporary styles for a modern take or opt for a rustic finish for a more decorative area. Even if you prefer not to have a large expanse of wood style paving, even just a small section creates a seating area with a welcoming ambience. Realistic textures and a variety of different templates to create a random appearance all add to the quality aesthetics of the products. Combine with natural materials for a visually pleasing garden design. 

Marshalls Paving Concrete 'Woodstone' Driftwood Paving Slabs

Stonemarket Paving Porcelain 'Knotwood Vitrified' Birch Paving Slabs

Bowland Stone Concrete 'Deckpave' Brown Oak Paving Slabs

Paving Superstore Porcelain 'Italiano Bark' Acacia Paving Slabs


Brett Paving Porcelain 'Elegante Timber' Vintage Oak Paving Slabs