Christmas Gift Inspiration for Garden Lovers

At Paving Superstore, we don't just sell paving slabs! If you're looking for gifting inspiration and are struggling for ideas, then let us help you with a few top notch product options that will put a smile on your loved one's face!



Poppyforge Gothic Garden Arch - £217

- - - Garden Arches and Obelisks - - - 

A garden arch looks spectacular as a framework for climbing plants such as roses, honeysuckle and jasmine. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to see nature rambling over your head when you walk through the arch, but nature also repays you with the wonderful fragrance of the blooms. 


A garden archway also offers a means of framing the view beyond. Stand back and see how your new picture frame accentuates the features through the other side of the arch. 


When combined with hedging or tall planting borders either side of the archway, the view is focused on the small window through the arch, so make a special feature of this by adding a garden sculpture or specimen plant as a focal point in the distance. 


An obelisk on the other hand, provides the height, interest and planting opportunities of an arch, but is ideal to create a high point within a planting bed or border. The structural elements of an obelisk create an element of hard landscaping within the softness of a planting border and this generates an interesting contrast between hard and soft. The obelisks we offer are tastefully designed and provide artistic flair in their own right. Even if left void of planting, they are an attractive addition to your garden. 


Consider adding an obelisk into a tall planter either side of a main doorway into the home for a striking feature and a bespoke talking point - you'll be the envy of the neighbours!

Poppyforge Traditional Obelisk Planter - £53

Poppyforge Cleo Obelisk Planter - £34


- - - Leaf Sculptures - - - 

Spark up a planting bed with artistic leaf sculptures made from either stainless steel or naturally rusting, corten steel. These ornamental leaf shapes look stunning in a plant border and really create a stir when combined in small groups to resemble the foliage of a natural planting scheme. Complement the metals by using plant colours that tone in with the metal colours, for example, accompany the corten steel with rusty toned Achillea or burnt oranges such as Crocosmia. With the stainless steel option, add plants with silver foliage such as Lavendula or Stachys or why not choose contracting shades like the black grass, Ophiopogon nigrescens.

Paving Superstore Pro Range Stainless Steel Poli - £138

Rowlinson Timber Coldframe - £83

Forest Potting Bench - £89

- - - For the Greenfingered - - - 

When looking for presents for home growing enthusiasts, then practical solutions are often best. Consider a potting bench ready for planting up seeds in Spring. Alternatively, a coldframe at £83 is great value or if you have a bit more money available or fancy pooling with other family members, then treat your loved one to a hardwood coldframe at £102. These are perfect for hardening off seelings prior to planting outside. 

Another practical solution where home growing space is at a minimum is a lean to quality hardwood greenhouse. This sits neatly on a patio and is easy to reach into. it has two lifting lids with adjustable height settings and twin walled polycarbonate gazing. Ideal for a beginner gardener or someone with limited space.

Once the growing season is over, it's always good for the soul (and the garden) to compost your old vegetable plants in addition to household scraps of course throughout the year. This attractive beehive style composter is a feature in its own right so instead of hiding it away, then put it in the centre of your planting bed in pride of place! It can be painted an attractive colour and looks perfectly lovely in the garden whilst offering a good, wholesome purpose at the same time. 

Rowlinson Beehive Composter - £136

Rowlinson Hardwood Coldframe - £102

Rowlinson Hardwood Mini Greenhouse - £248

- - - A Place to Relax - - - 

Rowlinson Willington Bench - £138

Rowlinson Tuscan Bench - £225

Rowlinson Vienna Bench - £238

Rowlinson Victoria Arbour - £288

Pantheon Poseidon Timber Garden Swing Seat Arbour - £368

What better gift than providing a loved one somewhere to relax and enjoy the garden? A hardwood bench such as the Willington or Tuscan bench seat makes a sturdy addition to the garden and may be placed in the sun or shade as preferred, to make a long lasting heirloom or something to enjoy for many years to come. Another option is the metal Vienna bench with its classic good looks. Couple with some sumptuous cushions as the metal can get a bit hot in the sunshine! Hardwearing and weatherproof, when cared for, this seat will last many years. 

A Victoria Arbour comes with its own built in shade from the sun's rays with its 'hit and miss' style roof, you can enjoy the dappled light instead of wall to wall sunshine. The delicate lattice sides afford some privacy and seclusion from the rest of the garden. Alternatively, why no splash out on a swing seat to gently rock back and forth under a cleverly positioned canopy. It looks good too as well as having a practical purpose. 

We hope you get inspiration from some of our garden related Christmas inspiration gift ideas!