Creative Water Features in the Garden

You want to introduce a water feature into your garden, but where do you start? There are so many options to choose from, so to help focus your mind, we've brought you some of the best ideas to inspire you.

When planning, firstly work out how much space you have available and then, how committed you are to the maintenance of the water feature. Small water bowls are ideal as a low maintenance option that the birds will love. The water may stagnate over time, but just top it up with a hose or watering can periodically to keep it fresh. With corten steel bowls especially, sediment forms in the bottom of the bowl and by emptying the bowl completely, this can stir up the rusty deposits and give the water a murky appearance, so by gently adding extra water to the top, the allows the sediment to remain at the bottom of the bowl. 

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Running water is less likely to stagnate, but to create such a feature requires a reservoir to hold the reserved water and a pump which either needs an electrical supply or could be solar powered. A solar pump will only be able to run a small water feature and not something as large as a standing stone for example. Running water features are great for the senses as not only are they are visually appealing, they also appeal to the sense of hearing. A gentle trickle of water is good for relaxation. To achieve a gentle flow may need a tap or a regulator to be built into the output as the speed at which the water is pumped through may be too fast and any hope of relaxation will be gone if you have to deal with the sound of a torrent of water instead!

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If you opt for running water, then next consider what you want it running over. A simple and natural water feature can be created by allowing water to trickle over a selection of boulders, cobbles and pebbles. This can be created using a reservoir set into the ground with a pump located inside. A grill positioned over the surface of the reservoir will provide a suitable surface to position your boulders, cobbles and pebbles. Ensure the metal grill is robust enough to take the weight of the stone and the holes in the grid are not so big that the smaller stones fall through.

An alternative similar option and more of an ambitious project is to use stone monoliths or standing stones. These are often drilled to allow water to traverse through the stone. The principle is much the same as the boulder feature above, however the main difference is planning how you will move the stone into place as depending upon the size of the stones, they may well be too heavy to lift by hand and may require specialist equipment on site to manoeuvre into position. 

Highland Mixed Glacial Boulders 



If space permits and you are looking to create more of an elaborate water feature, then you could consider constructing a pond instead. This will usually require a digger to make lighter work of the earth removal and then once all sharp stones have been removed, use a pond underlay to protect the liner and then position the pond liner over the area. Most garden ponds benefit from good filtration and UV lights to remove algae and this is even more important if introducing fish. A natural pond on the other hand may not require filtration as it can remain reasonably clear with the correct use of oxygenating plants. 

A pond is great for the ecology of your garden, but always ensure birds and small mammals have a means of safely accessing the water and getting back out again!

A portable pond is another good option. These 'off the shelf' instand ponds are an easy addition to your garden and have an option water blade wall for added interest. Instant ponds create a formal style of pond and look great in most gardens where space permits. The whole garden can be designed around an instant pond as the main focalpoint. Choose pots and planters made from the same material to bring in the colours and continue the theme. 

Adezz Waterfall Wall

Adezz Corten Steel Instant Pond

Pond created with liner

Natural pond created with liner

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