Top Ideas for a Monochrome Garden

So you've decided on a monochrome scheme for your garden with its classic stylish good looks and timeless appeal. This style never goes out of fashion and is both startling and dramatic when created well. Monochome colours look great with classic Victorian style homes, red brickwork, white rendered walls, modern glass homes and various other styles. The only time it perhaps doesn't work so well is with the more rustic style cottage where the jarring contrast of black, white and grey may overpower the subtle feel of the home. 

What does a monochome design mean to you?

As a general rule, a monochrome design utilises a colour scheme heavily focused on a black, white and grey colour palette. The simple, yet elegant arrangement offsets the colour of planting extremely well, especially when combined with single colour plants such as green foliage or a simple red flower for example. The design can be subtle and easy on the eye or more elaborate involving geometric patterns. Always be careful not to allow the garden to compete with the styling of the home as it's important the garden is a continuation of the home and complements the design. For example, a traditional Victorian home works well with the black and white colour scheme of monochromatic design, but only when undertaken in a simple and subtle manner, such as black paving with grey and white accent colours. On the other hand, a glass cube home with it's understated and single style design can handle a more complex design in the garden as the simplistic design of the home will not be upstaged by geometric patterns in the garden. It wouldn't be good fashion sence to combine a spotted blouse with a tartan skirt and it's the same with garden design - a plainer appearance home can accommodate a more complex garden design whereas a home with a lot of exterior detailing lends itself to a simpler garden design. 

We've provided you with a mood board of ideas to incorporate in your garden to achieve an elegant monochromatic design. 

This range of pocelain paving comes in a popular 900x600mm size for contempoirary styling - Paving Superstore Porcelain 'Ideal 900 Range' Cobble Stone Nero PAVING SLABS

A mosaic section within a larger patio makes an interesting feature. This greyscale feature works well in a monochrome design - Brett Paving Porcelain 'GeoCeramica Mosaik' Grigio PAVING SLABS

A black water bowl on a white plinth makes a striking feature - Adezz Water Bowl Water Feature

Dark coloured limestone paving starts off almost black in colour and gradually lightens in sunlight to become a mid grey - Natural Paving Riven Limestone 'Classicstone' Carbon Black PAVING SLABS

A grey planter filled with a single colour flower arrangement adds a splash of colour to the garden - Rowlinson Sorrento Rectangular Planter

The fabulous centre piece looks great as a focalpoint within your patio or as a standalone feature - Bowland Stone Concrete 'Lakeland' Welsh Slate/Portland Grey STAR PAVING OCTAGON FEATURE KITS

This porcelain paving has a crystal-like finish and looks beautiful when combined with charcoal and black tones - Paving Superstore Porcelain 'Fusion' Crystal White PAVING SLABS

This indoor range of porcelain tiles also comes in a thickness suitable or driveway use to match - Brett Paving Porcelain 'GeoCeramica Bluestone Internal' Noir Puro INDOOR TILES

The small sizes in this range mean it has more of a tile appearance which is ideal as a front entrance or to break up a larger expanse - Paving Superstore Riven Sandstone 'Ideal Rabge' Sagar Black PAVING SLABS

White rendered walls look great when combined with black or dark greay windows and doors for a striking appearance

White rendered walls create an excellent contrast to black or dark grey paving

An occasional splash of a single colour within the garden is far more spectacular than an over fussy mix of colours in a monochrome design

This natural limestone paving looks great when combined with white walls. It naturally lightens in sunlight - Strata Paving Riven Limestone 'Salerno' Toro PAVING SLABS

This Strata porcelain paving has dark grey/black rich velvety tones - Strata Paving Porcelain Raven Black PAVING SLABS


This  'Italiano Slate' Nero Collection of porcelain paving from Paving Superstore comes in a choice of  900x600 or 1200x600mm for greater choice - Paving Superstore Porcelain 'italiano Slate' Nero PAVING SLABS

This super freestanding waterfall wall makes a spectacular feature within your garden and the subtle flow of water disguises background noise such as children and traffic - Adezz Aluminium (Charcoal) Waterfall Wall Freestanding Wall and Waterblade

Tall dark grey/ black planters are striking especially when combined with bright coloured planting or even vivid green foliage - Adezz Aluminuim Florida Planter

This porcelain range with its rich velvety tones comes in a highly contemporary 900x600mm size slab - Talasey Porcelain 'Vitripiazza Sofia-Stelle PAVING SLABS

This organic design planter can be grouped together with other planters in the same shape for a truly original design - Adezz Fibreglass Organ Planter

This Rowlinson six seater set in contrasting grey and charcoal tones are ideal for a monochrome styled garden - Rowlinson Prestbury Six Seater Dining Furniture Set Putty Grey With **Free Furniture Cover**

The Select Range Porcelain from Paving Superstore offers a natural aesthetic for garden patios and is easy to upkeep. Its porcelain composition is notably resistant to stains and inhibits the proliferation of moss and algae. - Paving Superstore Porcelain 'Select Range' Quartz White PAVING SLABS

This abstract planter can be combined with others to make an original design -


This fabulous porcelain paving has the appearance of natural quatzite with its subtle veining - Paving Superstore Porcelain 'Italiano Notting Hill' Anthracite PAVING SLABS

Setting paving slabs within an area of artificial grass adds colour contrast and interest - Paving Superstore Porcelain 'Select Italian Range' Avenue Dark Grey PAVING SLABS

This porcelain paving comes in an extra thick 40mm size allowing it to be laid straight onto sand - Marshalls Paving Porcelain 'Symphony Plus Classic Vitrified' Stone Black PAVING SLABS

Using contrasting black and grey paving leading up to a front door is not only classic, but a real talking point

This metal arch in its dark metal colour works well with the black and white colour scheme - Rowlinson Wrenbury Round Top Metal Arch

This natural white quartzite stone is truly stunning and turns your home into a palace! The white colour brightens the area - Stonemarket Paving Quartz 'Equinox' Crystal PAVING SLABS

Mosaic paving can be used on walls as well to make a patterned area of interest within a plain setting - Brett Paving Porcelain 'GeoCeramica Mosaik' Grigio PAVING SLABS

Beautiful bright green foliage with this Robinia tree adds a startling contrast to a monochrome colour scheme

These fibreglass planters work well when placed on dark coloured paving - Adezz Fibreglass Buxus Planter

This wavy style paving comes in both a charcoal and a grey option or combine together as shown for a stunning focalpoint -


Simple yet elegant downlighting drawns attention to a walkway through your garden - Techmar Deimos Wall Lights Garden Lighting

The small sizes of this range means it has more of a tile appearance - Stonemarket Paving Concrete 'Bourton' Misty Grey PAVING SLABS

A charcoal coloured firepit matches in with the colour theme - Paving Superstore Pro Range Mild Steel-Spark Fire Pit Black

This clever wall cladding resembles small pieces of stone to create a heavily textured appearance. Simply bond to an existing wall - Paving Superstore Porcelain 'Italiano Externo' Ardesia WALL CLADDING

Stunning plant colour offsets the simplicity of a monochrome design. With careful planning, a different colour can be used each season

Using dark coloured paving when combined with white rendered walls is a classic design choice and looks stunning - Paving Superstore Riven Limestone 'Select Range' Black PAVING SLABS

Symmetrical lighting in a bold design creates drama and interest - Hunza Tier Wall Lights Black Garden Lighting

This outdoor breakfast bar makes a change from lounge seating and its organic good looks are a real eyecatcher - Adezz Original Series Breakfast Bar


We hope you like our ideas and would love to hear yours!