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Burbage Quorn Tall Wooden Gate

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Burbage_Quorn, Tall Single-Gate 0.8m width x 1.8m height Unit: 0.8m W x 1.8m H
*FREE Standard Delivery: Usually up to 7 days

Delivery: Usually up to 7 working days. FREE standard delivery included* (see our delivery zones)

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Unit price £187.00
Burbage_Quorn, Tall Single-Gate 0.9m width x 1.8m height Unit: 0.9m W x 1.8m H
*FREE Standard Delivery: Usually up to 7 days

Delivery: Usually up to 7 working days. FREE standard delivery included* (see our delivery zones)

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Unit price £213.00
Burbage_Quorn, Tall Single-Gate 1.1m width x 1.8m height Unit: 1.1m W x 1.8m H
*FREE Standard Delivery: Usually up to 7 days

Delivery: Usually up to 7 working days. FREE standard delivery included* (see our delivery zones)

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Unit price £238.00
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Delivery Information Free UK delivery to most areas. Next Day delivery available on many products.

Delivery Information

Delivery of heavy and bulky items such as paving, are delivered to kerbside on a large vehicle with tail-lift offloading. You MUST tell us at time of ordering if this vehicle is too large. We may occasionally be able to offer a smaller vehicle at extra cost on request.

The roads to your address must have a hard surface and be accessible by a large delivery vehicle. The route and your delivery location must be free from obstacles such as overhanging trees or cables.

Your delivery point must be flat, level and a hard surface such as concrete or tarmac. Grass, earth and gravel are NOT suitable surfaces. Delivery is made to kerbside only using a manual pump truck.

Inspect your goods upon delivery and record details of any obvious damages on the driver's documentation. In most cases, even if there are a few breakages, it is best to accept the delivery.

All paving pallets are heavy and sizeable. Once delivered, you will be responsible for moving the goods. Always ensure pallets are opened at the top, NOT the sides and remove the goods evenly from the centre of the pack to prevent tipping.

Although we do not use hi-ab (crane) or moffett (mini-forklift) deliveries as standard, we always attempt to upgrade larger orders to this type of vehicle when possible. Please contact us for further information.

Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding delivery. Refer to our contract terms for further details.

Do you charge for delivery?

Delivery charges are already included in the price of the goods to all of the areas shown in the YELLOW zone on the map. In the BLUE and RED zones, a top-up delivery surcharge applies on certain products.

Yellow Delivery included in price so no extra charges.

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Blue Surcharge applies to some items. Usually £25 per paving pack, but will vary for other items

Postcodes: CA, CF, DG, DT, EH, EX, G, KA, LD, LL, ML, PL, SA, SY, TA, TD, TQ. (Some exceptions apply)

Red Surcharge applies to most items. Usually £65 per paving pack, but will vary for other items

Postcodes: AB, DD, FK, IV, KY, PA, PH, TR. (Some exceptions apply)

Please contact us for prices to other areas. We would be pleased to quote on overseas deliveries if required.

How long does delivery take?

With most orders of paving, stone, composts, bark and rubber, delivery takes around 2-4 working days, based upon your order being placed before lunchtime on a working day.

Turf and sedum arrive the following day as the product is cut fresh on the morning of dispatch, so let us know when you need it and we will arrange to have the goods cut and delivered overnight to ensure they stay freshGarden buildings and structures range from around 7-30 working days.

All products on our website show an indicative delivery schedule, so it's best to refer to this for more product specific information.

Do you offer Express and Saturday deliveries?

Yes! We offer several different delivery options on most of our products to suit even the tightest of schedules!

Please find below the various options, their prices and the cut-off times for ordering:

  • Next day delivery
  • £20.00 per pallet
  • Order before 1000am the weekday before required delivery day (weekday deliveries only)
  • Pre booked delivery weekday
  • £2.00 per pallet
  • Order before 1000am at least two weekdays before required delivery day (weekday deliveries only)
  • Saturday delivery
  • £45.00 per pallet
  • Order before 1000am up to the Friday before delivery

Do you guarantee delivery schedules?

Whilst we will make every effort to deliver in accordance with any booked delivery service and 99% of deliveries will arrive on time, we cannot guarantee a delivery schedule and any failure to deliver on a specified day or time will not be a breach of contract. Will will be unable to offer any compensation or cover any direct costs of delays by our third-party haulier. Do not arrange for your contractor or any equipment hire until your goods have arrived and been checked.

How will I know when the goods will arrive?

Unless you have already opted for a premium delivery on a specified day, we will make every effort to prebook all orders for large items with you once they reach your local delivery depot. You will only hear from the delivery company once your goods have travelled through the delivery network to arrive with the depot closest to you and this may take a couple of days following the day you placed your order.

Do not worry if you do not hear anything for a few days as the delivery day is usually only booked once the local depot to you commences scheduling.

Will I know the exact time of delivery?

Our trusted hauliers will usually deliver anytime between 8am and 6pm on your chosen delivery day. Some of our hauliers will provide tracking, however some of them do not, so unfortunately, we can never guarantee an exact time.

If you prefer, there is always the option to upgrade your delivery to an AM service, for an additional charge if this is more convenient for you.

Will I need to be at home to receive the delivery and will the driver require assistance?

Do I need to be in?

We do advise that you or a representative are on site upon arrival of delivery just in case the driver experiences any difficulties finding or accessing your property. This way the problem can quickly be resolved at the time instead of the driver potentially having to come back on a different day which will incur costly re-delivery charges.

In saying this, it is not mandatory that you are home for delivery and we can request your goods are left without signature if preferred. It is important to note however, that goods are left entirely at your own risk and we advise you to check your delivered items and report any problems to us as soon as possible, but within a maximum of 7 days. If the driver encounters any problems accessing your property or leaving the goods in a safe position whilst you are not at home, he/she may choose to abort the delivery and redelivery arrangements will be at your cost. In all cases, the driver will need to offload the goods from the vehicle quickly and soon after arriving at your property. Any delays preventing him/her from doing so will incur costs for waiting.

Will the driver require assistance?

More often than not, the driver will manage the delivery without a hitch. However in some circumstances, the driver will need assistance. For example:

  • Heavy pallets - On occasion, with natural stone paving especially, anticipated weights may vary due to the density of the stone and it may not be known in advance that goods are heavier than expected. However this is very unusual and occurs very infrequently. In these cases, the driver may need you to manually assist in taking some of the material off the pallet. Alternatively, if we have already alerted you on the website that goods are extra heavy, please ensure the stated advice for the specific product has been followed, for example, you may be asked to provide machinery on site or contact us for a specialist vehicle quotation.
  • Access restrictions - In the case that there are access restrictions, for example a car is blocking the dropped kerb where offload would need to take place, the driver may ask you to, if it is yours, move the vehicle, or contact the neighbour that it may belong to. If some of the roads leading to your property are not suitable for a large 18 tonne vehicle, please notify us of the directions the driver should take to gain access.
  • Directions - Sometimes the driver may need assistance in finding your property, so he/she may call you to ask for guidance. As mentioned above, being on hand to offer such information could well help avoid the driver needing to attempt redelivery on a different day, which will subsequently mean additional charges for yourself.

Will all goods arrive together?

As a general rule, all large goods produced by the same company/ brand will arrive as one delivery and goods from different companies will arrive separately. Small items such as sealants, paints and mortar products will always be sent out separately on a smaller courier service.

Don’t panic though, if there are parts of your order that are due to come separately, we will always aim to let you know.

Should I inspect the goods whilst the driver waits?

Yes, it is best to open the plastic wrap and examine the goods prior to signing your acceptance of them arriving in a satisfactory condition. If you have damages, ensure this is recorded on the driver's docket / device and report to us immediately. If you are unable to check the goods whilst the driver waits, please sign as 'possible damage'.

What happens if I have breakages?

Due to the nature of the goods and the distance they have travelled, you may encounter a couple of broken slabs. In the majority of cases, these may be used for the smaller cut pieces you will need for your project. It is usual practice to allow 10% extra over and above your calculated requirements for the project and this allows for offcuts. In the majority of cases, any broken slabs will be part of this 10% calculation. If you have a large quantity of breakages, please notify us within 7 days following delivery via email and with clear photographic evidence, ideally showing the goods damaged within their packaging. We will look to replace or refund you for the damages.

Can I have the goods delivered onto my driveway?

As standard, your goods will be delivered kerbside (on the road adjaent to the kerb). The driver at his discretion and with your permission, may attempt to move the goods closer to your property. In all cases, the ground must be level and firm such as tarmac or concrete.

For larger orders it may be possible for delivery to be made on a vehicle with crane or mini-forklift which will often enable offloading onto your property. We will discuss this with you if it is a feasible option.

Do all items arrive on a large lorry?

No, smaller items such as jointing compound or sealer will come by a standard courier service van. Some items such as base aggregates (sharp sand, cement etc) will arrive on a vehicle with crane offload.

UKCA Standards and Ethical Trading All paving certified to UKCA quality standards and ethically sourced.

What’s Different about Paving Sold through Paving Superstore in Comparison to Other Websites?

All paving products sold by Paving Superstore are tested and conform to UKCA standards and hold a Declaration of Performance Certificate. This sets us aside from many other websites and guarantees you are buying a quality product designed to last. Let us tell you a bit more:

Leading Brand Paving from Paving Superstore Paving Sold through Many Other Websites
Yes Tested for water absorption No Not tested
Yes Tested for frost resistance No Not tested
Yes Tested for compression limits No Not tested
Yes Tested for slip resistance No Not tested
Yes Tested for bending breakpoint No Not tested

It is a legal requirement

Strict EU regulations were introduced in 2013 to ensure all paving sold in the UK meets the minimum standards set out under European standards EN1341 (flagstones), EN1342 (setts) and EN1343 (kerbs), however MOST companies selling paving online DO NOT adhere to these legal requirements as it is not heavily policed by Trading Standards. ALL paving products sold by Paving Superstore are manufactured by leading brands and DO meet these standards. All products are CE marked / UKCA / UKAS accredited. UKAS is the National Accreditation body for the United Kingdom appointed by the government to ensure products meet the high standards needed to attain certification. All products also hold a valid Declaration of Performance certificate which details the tests and results for each of the necessary criteria which guarantees you that the products we sell are fit for purpose.

Water Absorption (BS EN 13755)

Test Process

The water absorption test measures the amount of water a stone can hold when fully saturated. This is expressed as a percentage of the total weight. So, a result of 1% means that when fully saturated, 1% of a stone’s weight will be water. As a guide, paving such as porcelain is usually less than 0.5% porosity, granite is around 0.5%, sandstone and limestone are in the region of 1-3% and concrete, 6%

Why is this important?

This is an indicator to how quickly stains will soak in and how quickly a stone will look dirty. The lower the number, the better it will deal with staining. Obviously other factors such as colour and texture will also play a part in the likelihood of staining. High levels of water absorption are also associated with increased algae growth which is known to be a problem with poor quality stone as this is often more porous as a result of it being an inferior standard.

Frost Resistance (BS EN 12371)

Test Process

Frost resistance testing is called the Freeze/ Thaw test and is conducted by repeatedly freezing the paving to -40 Fahrenheit and then thawing it, before repeating the cycle again. During this process the paving will lose some of its flexibility and the key to good quality paving is that it does not lose a high level of resilience during the test cycle. Losses in Mpa should not exceed 5 Mpa

Why is this important?

with very low temperatures. Paving which is overly porous will crack in frost and it is essential that paving is tested to the above standard to be sure it can cope in all weathers.

Bending Breakpoint (BS EN 12372)

Test Process

The ‘flexural strength’ test shows how much bending a paving unit can be put under before it breaks. This is an important test measurement for paving, but not really for setts or blocks as they are not large enough to bend. The test data is normally expressed in mega pascals (Mpa) with higher numbers being better. A typical measurement with sandstone is over 13 Mpa, concrete 5 Mpa and porcelain is often over 40 Mpa

Why is this important?

The flexural strength is important as it ensures the paving is not overly brittle which would cause difficulties when handling and laying.

Compression Limits (BS EN 1926

Test Process

The ‘compressive strength’ test shows how much a stone can be squashed before it breaks. This is most important for setts and blocks as these are often used on driveways. It’s expressed in mega pascals (Mpa) with higher numbers being better.

Why is this important?

The compressive strength rating is important when deciding on stone suitable for a driveway or commercial setting where excessive weight will be applied to the paving. Paving that does not pass the required standard will not support any excessive loading.

Slip Resistance (BS EN 14231)

Test Process

Slip resistance testing is a complex and varied area however the two main tests for domestic paving are either the pendulum test (PTV) or the ramp test (R rating). With the pendulum test, a pendulum is swung over the surface of the stone which will slow it down. The rougher the surface, the more it will slow the pendulum and the higher the value (PTV). It is tested both wet and dry. The lowest permitted value for external use when wet is 36.

The ramp test (R rating) is often used for porcelain paving and this is conducted using a ramp which is gradually raised. Oil is applied to the ramp and a test person walks onto the ramp wearing boots. The measurement is taken from the point at which they slip. R11 is the rating usually applied to porcelain paving and this is equivalent to the value of 34 to 51 in the PTV test data (pendulum test value).

Why is this important?

Ensuring paving has good slip resistant qualities is important for outdoor usage, especially when used by children or elderly people. There is no point installing stone that does not meet the specified criteria for outdoor surfaces as it will be dangerous and not at all suited to purpose.

The following table shows the slip test data ratings for both test types and the recommended usage for paving conforming to each result.

R Rating Suitable for
R9 Only for use indoors in areas where the floor is never wet
R10 Typically for use indoors including areas that occasionally become wet, such as kitchens
R11 Ideal for outdoor use including around swimming pools, internally in bathrooms, wet rooms
R12 Ideal for outdoor use including around swimming pools, internally in bathrooms, wet rooms
PTV Rating Slip potential
0 to 24 High slip potential
25 to 35 Moderate slip potential
Above 36 Low slip potential

Ethical Trading

Further to stringent test procedures, all paving sold through Paving Superstore is ethically sourced with all manufacturers belonging to the Ethical Trading Initiative or alternative schemes. This promises that:

  • employment is freely chosen
  • child labour will not be used
  • discrimination shall not be practised
  • living wages are paid
  • employees are treated respectfully and fairly
  • safe and hygienic working conditions are provided
  • working hours are not excessive

Please ensure you only buy ethically sourced natural stone

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Product Description

Quorn Tall Single Wooden Garden Gate 1800mm High

  • The elegant Quorn Garden Gate stands at 1800mm in height, meticulously crafted from premium Scandinavian Redwood sourced through ethical forestry practices.
  • Each piece of wood is expertly planed to achieve a smooth texture.
  • The gate's robust composition includes 70x70mm framing on sides and top, supplemented by sturdy bracing measures of 70x54mm and 44x44mm, ensuring exceptional structural integrity.
  • The cladding incorporates snugly fitted tongue and groove panels, each 95mm wide and 14mm thick, securely fastened with both nails and adhesive.
  • The construction boasts strong mortise and tenon joints, lending superior steadfastness to the gate.
  • Completing the design, the gate has been pressure treated with a high-quality preservative to shield against decay, insect infestations, and fungal growth.

Please note: Wood's natural properties may lead to minor dimensional alterations due to fluctuating moisture levels. While the preservative treatment adds a layer of protection, it is not a panacea; regular maintenance by the gate's owner is advised to ensure enduring resilience.

There is a carriage surcharge for Highlands, NI and Islands - please call us for a quote


QU21 Burbage_Quorn, Tall Single-Gate 750mm (29.5") width x 1800mm (70.9") height

QU23 Burbage_Quorn, Tall Single-Gate 900mm (35.5") width x 1800mm (70.9") height

QU25 Burbage_Quorn, Tall Single-Gate 1050mm (41") width x 1800mm (70.9") height

Brand Information

Burbage Iron Craft has been trading since 1978 and is a manufacturer of high quality steel gates and fencing, and timber gates.

Material Information

Pressure-treated lumber is subjected to a specialised process that significantly improves its longevity and resilience, rendering it more durable against various environmental elements. The wood is initially submerged in a potent preservative solution, following which it undergoes a rigorous vacuum application. This vacuum pressure ensures that the preservative penetrates deeply into the innermost fibres of the wood, achieving complete and uniform impregnation. Through this thorough saturation and internal treatment, the wood gains enhanced protective qualities against decay, insect infestation, and other forms of deterioration.

This treatment serves a dual purpose. It firstly shields the wood from moisture, critical in our humid environment, allowing for the outdoor placement of pressure-treated wood, including direct contact with moist earth (though it's best to prevent this when feasible). Secondly, the preservative's chemicals also defend the wood from insect damage, ensuring that insects won't damage your new garden structure.

Considering you've invested more in pressure-treated lumber for its durability and longevity, you may question the necessity of further action. It's essential to realise that while pressure treatment prevents decay from moisture, it doesn't shield the lumber entirely from weather-related wear, which isn't limited to only wet conditions.

For instance, the next time you visit a nursery, take a closer look at the heaps of pressure-treated lumber that are on display. Pay particular attention to the various planks and note that some might show signs of splitting or have become twisted out of shape. Typically, this situation arises when the wood is stored in a moist state, and thus, the pieces that are situated at the outer edge of the stack tend to dry out more rapidly when exposed to direct sunlight, resulting in such damage. This highlights the fact that these boards are suffering from the negative effects due to inconsistent drying, which emphasizes the importance of implementing preventative measures. It underscores the necessity of appropriate and adequate treatment techniques that will prevent the wood from deteriorating in this manner, ensuring that the materials maintain their structural integrity and appearance over time.

Ultimately, if pressure treated wood isn't maintained appropriately, it will still succumb to cracking and warping, rendering the additional cost for its longevity futile. After undergoing pressure treatment, our timber is methodically dried, with each piece arranged to facilitate airflow, ensuring a moisture content of 9-12%.

For tanalised structures, it's crucial to let the treated, saturated wood dry out to prevent shrinkage. After achieving the desired level of dryness, it's essential to apply a topcoat treatment to prevent moisture from re-entering the timber.

There are three primary methods for preserving pressure-treated wood: staining, sealing, or painting. Opting to oil the wood is an acceptable choice as it can impart a shiny sheen; however, this does not eliminate the need for a protective layer. Applying a protective solution such as a stain, sealant, or paint will decelerate the wood's drying out, aiding in maintaining its pliability and shape.

Sealant: Sealant is essentially a type of oil designed to halt the ongoing treatment activity in wood. Factory-treated wood continues to undergo chemical reactions until fully dry, a process that may last several months. Applying a sealant promptly provides optimal protection, with an annual reapplication recommended. Choose a sealant that includes UV defence to safeguard your furniture from sun damage.

Stain: Stain, in contrast to a sealant, infuses the wood it's applied to with colour. There are primarily two types: latex and oil-based stains, both of which are suitable for use. While staining is optional, it enhances the aesthetic appeal of your garden space and typically incorporates water-repellent properties and added UV protection, further extending your furniture's durability. It's essential to apply stain only to dry lumber, so it's advisable to wait approximately a month after acquiring your pressure-treated wood to guarantee it has thoroughly dried before proceeding with staining.

Paint: If you're considering adding a coat of paint to your wooden surface, it is a viable option to further customise its appearance. Prior to initiating the painting process, it's imperative to apply a sealant. This preparatory step is crucial for ensuring the longevity and durability of your paint job. Adhere strictly to the manufacturer's instructions present on the sealant's packaging, paying particular attention to the recommended duration of wait before embarking on the painting phase; this is typically prescribed to last a few days, if not longer, to achieve optimal adhesion and effectiveness of the sealant. Once the waiting period has elapsed, commence with the application of a high-grade, oil-based primer. This will serve as a stable foundation for the subsequent paint layers. Following the primer, proceed to apply one or two coats of a latex-based topcoat, ensuring a smooth and even coverage for a professional-looking finish to your woodwork.

Numerous wood products undergo pressurisation with protective chemicals to enhance their durability against decay and pests. This process involves infusing the wood with a preservative solution under high pressure, resulting in a characteristically greenish-blue tint. As the wood dries, some preservative may surface as green or blue speckles due to evaporating liquid, which could be mistaken for mould.  The speckled appearance from pressure treatment can be left alone, as it diminishes over time. Alternatively, the speckle removal process can be expedited by either pressure washing or lightly sanding the area.

Pro Tip: Choose paints or stains labelled as moisture vapour permeable or microporous. These types of finishes prevent moisture from penetrating the wood while permitting any excess moisture to evaporate, thus allowing the wood to breathe.

At Vista, each of their structures is coated with an oil-based sealant designed to let the wood breathe while preventing moisture infiltration. For optimal protection, it should be applied annually or biannually, ideally prior to the onset of winter and again before summer. For proper application, adhere strictly to the guidelines specified on the product.


Product Name Burbage_Quorn, Tall Single-Gate 1.1m width x 1.8m heightBurbage_Quorn, Tall Single-Gate 0.9m width x 1.8m heightBurbage_Quorn, Tall Single-Gate 0.8m width x 1.8m height
Country of Manufacture
Pack Contains
Pack Coverage
Unit Number
Unit Size
Material TypePressure Treated WoodPressure Treated WoodPressure Treated Wood
Pack Contains
Power Consumption (Watts)
Max Flow (Litres)
Special Offer
Country of Manufacture
Delivery TypeUsually up to 7 daysUsually up to 7 daysUsually up to 7 days
Ridge Height
Floor Width
Eaves Height
Floor Depth
Roof / Floor Materials
Material Type
Product Attachments


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