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How to Lay & Point a Patio

How to Lay a Natural Stone Patio - by Global Stone

Global Stone video demonstrating the correct way of laying a natural stone paving patio including the materials required for under the paving as part of the necessary steps. A vital video to watch prior to commencing your project

How to Lay Paving - by Marshalls

This video provides a clear description on how to lay patio paving on a full mortar bed. This method is recommended for the majority of paving installations and must always be adhered to when using natural stone paving.

How to Lay Concrete Paving on a Sand (Unbound) Bed - by Marshalls

Marshalls video on how to lay concrete paving slabs or blocks on a sand (unbound) surface. This is suited to pressed concrete slabs or blocks only and not natural stone, porcelain or wet-moulded slabs. All Marshalls products conform to UKCA standards.

How to Point your Patio - by Marshalls

Marshalls video guide on how to point your patio. Useful and helpful guide to using Weatherpoint Jointing Compound for pointing instead of a traditional sand and cement finish. This option is much quicker and easier and suits both the DIYer and professional contractor.

How to Use Pavetuf Jointing Compound - by Pavetuf

Pavetuf Jointing Compound is an easy to use brush-in jointing compound suited to both the DIYer and professional contractor alike. It may be used in both wet and dry weather conditions and provides a much quicker pointing solution than traditional pointing with sand and cement. It dries to a hard, permeable finish. Follow this ‘how to use’ video for more details

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