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Can I use paving slabs on a driveway?

Using larger slabs on a driveway is increasing in popularity and looks great, however it's important not to just use patio paving for this purpose as in most cases it will not be suitable. There is a wide choice of options in larger paving slabs available for use on a driveway and these range from porcelain paving to natural stone such as granite and basalt. We can also have paving made to order for you in other materials upon request.

The main difference between normal patio paving and larger slabs suitable for a driveway is the thickness, and increased depth means greater strength. With porcelain paving, many of the most popular ranges for driveways are constructed using a 10mm thick porcelain veneer adhered to a robust, bonded aggregate base giving a slab thickness of 50mm in most cases. Due to the way these are constructed, they allow for laying on a Type 1 and sand bed - the same as traditional block paving, which is a quicker install method than a mortar bed (although they may also be laid on a mortar bed if preferred). Other options in porcelain come in an uprated 30mm thickness of solid porcelain and similarly natural stone options suitable for a driveway are usually a minimum of 50mm.

Of course, there are plenty of block paving options suited to driveway use as well ranging from traditional concrete blocks to linear elongated blocks for more contemporary appeal. There are several natural stone driveway block options as well and these offer the practicality and ease of laying seen with a block paving product, with the beauty and natural blend of shades seen with natural stone.

Whatever your requirements, we are sure to be able to help.

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